Saturday, September 22, 2012

We Did It!

Today was our transfer date and WE DID IT!!! After the past emotional and physical three weeks plus all those other years, it made today feel so worth it! I know this does not mean 100 percent that we will stay pregnant but this is the closest we have ever been! We only transfered one embryo since our doctor felt that one embryo looked so good. We had originally talked about two but that one looked so good we stuck with that one! Hopefully that little booger stays strong:) Just the feeling of knowing I could have a baby starting to grow inside me is incredible:) I still think about when we first started trying we didn't know if we would ever do IVF and now we did it! You never know what you may do until that time comes. Now we just wait and pray for the best! I probably won't post anything about this for a while after this post b/c if we do have a positive pregnancy test I will want to wait for a little while before we say anything. And if it is negative I know I won't want to talk about for a while b/c I know it will be hard. Couch rest the rest of the day hoping for a sticky embryo:)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

They are Growing

Yesterday the egg retrieval went great! We had to be at the clinic at 6:15 and they did the retrieval a little after 7. Like I had said, I was a little nervous of the sedation but it wasn't that bad at all. I remember telling them I knew the medicine was working b/c the room was spinning and then the next thing I knew they were waking me up on the cart. The only thing I don't remember is going from the surgery room to the post op area. Soon after I did take 1/2 a pain pill since I was starting to cramp already and I am glad I did! I ended up taking a whole one 4 hours later b/c I was pretty sore/crampy. I did get nauseous on the way home once and another time at home but today I feel A lot better!! Hopefully I don't think I will have to take any pills today.

They were able to retrieve 20 EGGS!!! Then this morning they called and said, 16 were mature and 9 fertilized:) Woo Hoo!! I keep praying they stay strong b/c those are our embryo babies! Now I just have to wait to see when they can transfer them back inside me. Usually they wait 5 days to make sure they do okay.

Yesterday I was pretty much bed ridden and we decided to rent "what to expect when you are expecting". It was a funny movie but we could relate to some of the couples! I know it is a comedy but I started crying when they were all delivering. I couldn't help it! And the part where the one couple was meeting the child they sweet! It was the perfect time to watch this movie! I hope we will be doing the same thing in 9 months:) I will update in a couple days about the transfer date!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


It is scheduled and my surgery for the egg retrieval is on for tomorrow! My estradiol level was 2,698 yesterday and I am officially done with all my injections! It felt so weird not taking anything this morning after taking injections the past 16 days. Day 22 of my cycle will be tomorrow.....longer than most but we made it:) Plan on doing NOTHING tomorrow after the surgery. Hoping our little embryo's take off and will be ready when the time for transfer comes!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

This could happen

Tomorrow I go to Carmel for another ultrasound and maybe my last till surgery!! It still doesn't feel real that we may actually be doing this! I know it is up to God if we would happen to get pregnant but just the thought of being this close brings a smile to mine and Jarod's face. Last night I couldn't help but to bring up topics about the empty baby room we have had ever since we have lived in our house. We may actually get to fill it....but I try to tell myself not to get too excited. Then at the same time being able to have this thought, excitement and possible reality with my husband is such a good feeling!

The surgery on the other hand, I am a little scared about because I have never been "put out" before but am just ready to do it! Any type of surgery is a little scary and you never know if that percentage of a risk could be you! I know I will feel sooo relieved after it is done and hope they can get a lot of eggs!! I have been feeling pretty bloated/uncomftorable especially the past day or so, so I know they are growing! And I know I have said this before and it won't be the last:) But THANK YOU to all who have been saying prayers for us! I know not everyone can do this and this was a HUGE decision for us to make.

Monday, September 10, 2012


I wanted to put an update on my appt today before I went to bed. I actually had HAPPY tears today!!! I drove to Carmel thinking the worst but praying for the best. When they did the u/s I had 10 follicles on my right ovary and 3 on my left! Right away I seen all my little follicles pop right up on my right ovary......I couldn't believe it!! I was proud and ready to write all the measurements of each down! I left with nothing but happy tears and called Jarod right away! They want me to take injections for a couple days and go back up. I can't wait to go back up now:) I know friday I was pretty down but knew I couldn't let it get to me too much. I think God was testing my patience......and that made today a million times more special! I hope everything continues to look good as we keep getting a little closer to starting a family!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012


I know on my last post I talked about going to the doctor's office for my first u/s after taking some of my medications. Well that was Tuesday and they didn't really see any follicles. I wasn't too worried about it because our last IUI it took me a little longer to make follicles. So I was thinking that will probably happen again.

Well, yesterday I had another u/s after they increased my medications and it looked pretty much the same as my first u/s. Another nurse came in to double check if they were missing anything. Nope! At this point I didn't know what to think. I knew it wasn't good! I am confused, hurt, angry and all sort of other emotions!!! How can this be? All of my other IUI's I produced too many follicles and now we finally get to the point where we are comfortable to do an IVF cycle and there is NOTHING! I know every cycle is different BUT we did four IUI's and I had no problem producing. In a way I feel like I am being punished! The main reason we wanted to do IVF was because I couldn't take cancelling treatment's....and I am afraid that is what we are going to have to do this time:( I get my hopes up only for them to get knocked down again and again! I asked Jarod, do you think this is a sign that everything we try something goes wrong?!

When I left the office yesterday once again crying the nurse's thought Dr. J would cancel my IVF but they were going to call after they talked to him. I called work and told them I would be there monday and was already thinking about what do we do now? Should we try again? Later in the day the nurse called back and said, Dr. J would like to increase my medication again and have me come back in monday for one last u/s. That is one good thing I like about Dr. J is that he is always willing to try a little more. But, I am going to go up monday thinking the worst. I am still holding onto my hope and praying to God to help me be at peace with his plan! I would absolutley LOVE for my u/s on monday to show some follies growing but I know I will have to wait and see....

Monday, September 3, 2012

Round 5

I am going to bring up the "baby" topic again. We took a couple months off since our last IUI in preparation of doing the BIG IVF!! I never thought we would be doing this in a million years BUT things can change and you never what you may end up doing. As most of you know we tried four IUI's (2 negative and 2 cancelled). After we had to cancel our last IUI I couldn't take trying another! I am so excited yet scared at the same time to be able to try IVF! I had to take birth control for a month and I had never been so emotional before. I had taken a different kind for the IUI and didn't have any side effects but this time it was a different story! I could cry over little things and was totally not myself! I hated it b/c most things don't bother me at all! I am done with that though and I just started taking my injections again. I know prayer works and that is why I am posting about our next step. I know the next couple weeks could be the start of something special:) If you could say just a little prayer for us when you can I would love that! I will try to keep my blog updated. I go in for my first u/s tomorrow to see if they need to make any changes to my meds.