Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another Negative

I know I didn't post about our previous IUI but we did do another IUI a couple weeks ago. I didn't talk about it too much and didn't really announce it to too many people that we were doing it. I thought if I didn't tell a lot of people I wouldn't worry about it ALL the time but it really didn't make a difference.

I went in for my baseline ultrasound on a thursday prior to starting my meds/injections again and everything looked great! So I took my meds/injections and then went in for my second ultrasound 10 days later. I had one really good follicle around 20 cm and couple others around 15 cm. MUCH better than December and we weren't messing around with a ton of little follicles like last time. At this point I was having really good feelings about everything thinking this may be our time! So that following monday they did an IUI and everything went really good. Then it was the two week (felt like forever) waiting period.

I did get anxious at times and I know I worried about it more than I should have. I really tried not to but it is soooo hard!!! Well, we waited and then it was time to take the BIG pregnancy test again. I was scared, happy, nervous and hoping for the best! BUT once again it was NEGATIVE! I hate that I am getting used to seeing this reading:( My heart was hurting and all I could think about was that I really did have a good feeling about this. So now we have to take another month off and then we can try again. We are up for trying again and still have hopes but we do get discouraged a little each time. I feel like EVERYONE is announcing they are pregnant and we are slowly getting left behind. I am happy for the other couples but then again it is hard. You feel like you are going on a mary go round and other people are coming off and on as we we continue to ride. I don't know what is in store for our future but we continue to pray and wait for our time!        

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I am not MIA

Has it really been almost a month since my last post!!! Man, I am slacking. haha. 

The past month we:
Celebrated Jarod's 31st Birthday!!!!
Jarod's oldest brother got married on new years eve!
Went to Cincy for a day (Jungle Jim's and the Zoo) 
Had a super bowl party
Hung out with some friends 
Worked (I bet you wouldn't have guessed that. haha)
Researched vacation spots (LOVE doing this!)
and a little bit of this and that! 

And as I look back I didn't take many pictures and wish I would have....I seem to go through spurts where I take lots or pictures and then I don't. I do have some though. 

The penguin parade at the zoo. I loved how funny they walked.

This was a picture my parents had ordered of my is a cross between a painting and picture. I wanted to post it b/c I loved how it turned out!!! Oh how I miss her!

For Jarod's b-day the neighbor girls made him cards and decorated their basement. It was so sweet and they were so excited to do it. 

The signs they made.

I got Jarod these glove shoes for his b-day. He already guessed what I got him so it wasn't much of a surprise for him. I can never surprise him...geesh! 

They really do feel good on!

Birthday cake time!

Jay (Jarod's brother) and Melissa got married in Jarods dad's cabin. It was a small wedding but turned out perfect!

The Knepp family.

All the brothers!

Me and my sister in laws.

We played cornhole and just hung out for the reception after the wedding. And me and my awesome hubby were the cornhole champs!!! First time for me! Yay. Sorry just had to post it. hehe