Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mother's Day and Staycation

Mother's Day has become a favorite day of mine. I used to dread this day for many years because it was a constant reminder that I (we) were childless. That longing for someone to call me, mommy, and someone to nurture and love felt very far away. But, now it brings a whole new joy!!! I absolutely LOVE being a mom!! Nothing compares and when you have such a sweet girl as our, Harper, it can't get much better than that:) My heart aches for the women that are waiting for that moment but that wait makes it even that much more worthwhile. Harper, is our little angel and many things we have talked about between us and Harper's birth mother are signs this was HIS plan for us all along. We were meant to be parent's to our sweet girl. It amazes me all the time and brings so much joy to my heart! I'm so thankful for the wonderful relationship that we have with Harper's birth mother and how amazing it is how she helped me become a mom. Hopefully sooner than later we can add to our little family because being a mom is the best:)     

My mom, me and Haper

My loves

Harper loves riding in this little wagon and pulling it around

Loves her nana

We had a vacay week and made it into a "staycation" and headed to St. Louis- waiting on the bus!

Chasing our girl because she didn't want to sit still. ha

Boy was it windy

Walking around the St. Louis Zoo

Enjoying the scenery 

First swim of the year!

Grant's Farm, not sure of the goats

This girl LOVES sweets! Ate a whole doughnut! 

Okay, we don't give a ton sweets, but this was vacay week so it was okay;)

Cousinly love 

Second place we visited on our "staycation" was Nashville. This B&B was designed by Southern Living...I thought that was pretty neat!  

I was in love with our little cottage

Trying to get some cuddles;)

I love Harper's face in the picture

We can still take a bath in the sink

She ain't afraid of no bear

The end of a great week!!! 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Spring Has Sprung

It's that time again....time for another update:) 
I was looking back and we have been busy this past month, thanks to the warmer weather and getting out and about a lot more! Life is so much fun right now and simply overflowing with love! 

*LOVES to EAT and says it all the time! 
*Tries to have a conversation but it comes out all jumbled
*Can say- eat (of course), momma, dadda (all the time), ball, baba (sippy), up, Apple, yes and easy
*Loves to wave at everyone
*Thinks she is miss Independent and can everywhere all by herself
*Loves going up and down, up and down, up and down stairs
*Can give kisses (just love those)
*Loves wearing shoes, putting on bracelets, taking walks, playing outside, wagon rides and flushing toilets