Friday, March 19, 2010

Proof that we were missing

I know about two weeks ago I said we would be missing. Well here are some pictures to prove it. I wouldn't mind going missing again to tell you the truth. haha. We spent 4 nights on the Disney Wonder cruise and 2 nights at Disney World and didn't get home until late saturday night. I know Disney is more focused on the kids but we become kids again once we hit Disney World. Kinda like that commercial they had a couple months ago when it shows the mom/dad as kids and then coming back to reality and realizing they are not a kid;) Don't know if anyone remembers that?! I took lots of pictures but I am only posting some of them b/c it would take way too long to post all of them. Hope you enjoy seeing where we went!!

Getting the party started before we debark and head out to the open sea!

Almost to the lagoon to swim with the sea lions. I was looking forward for a long time!

Some of the sea lions...aren't they cute. haha. They were very silly.

He has it made.

All suited up. The water was chilly and these didn't help much.

Enjoying the sun. That is Paradise Island behind me. So Pretty.

Our home away from home.

On the front of the ship. Thought this was cute.

At Disney's private island.

We love Lilo and Stitch:) Two of our favorite characters. I think we like them so much b/c they are so goofy.

On the beach. Ahhh!

Pirate boat with no pirates. Looks like it is gonna take a bite out of something. 

My sweetie relaxing on route 66 on the cruise ship.

The couple's we were assigned to eat dinner with each night.

On the deck at night.

Oh my if you are ever at disney go to this place at their beaches resort and get this dessert. It's called No Way Josie. I know it is big but so good! I wanted to go back another day to get it again. haha. 

Me and my sweetie on our last night at Boma's in Animal Kingdom lodge. I love him so much and so happy to have a wonderful husband to spend this time with!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Will be missing for a week

Haircut- check. Car cleaned inside and out- check. Oil changed (thanks to hubby)- check. Tires rotated- check. Packing- check. Map- check. I think we are ready!

Tomorrow Jarod and I will be leaving on our vacay and I am soooo EXCITED!!!! Wide awake and probably going to have a hard time sleeping tonight. haha. I have to wake up early for work tomorrow and then we are off after I get off work. I just pray everything goes well and that we have a safe trip there and back and while on our trip. If you think of this week say a little prayer if you could also. I will post pics. when we get back:) Hope everyone will be enjoying the warmer weather while we are gone!! Finally a little sun around here.  See ya in a week!