Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fall 2016

Now that we've put up our Christmas tree and are in full Christmas spirit, I better post some fall photos!! 
I love fall time and we enjoyed it to its fullest, but I think Jarod was getting a little falled out;) Harper wasn't into the pumpkins as much this year but she had a lot of fun dressing up and going trick or treating. She really loved it...and getting all that candy!! Hudson just went with the flow and enjoyed a lot firsts. 

Picking out pumpkins to carve

 We always love to go to this market

 The chickens were Harper's favorite 

 I just love her

 Girls day

 That smile gets me everytime


 This picture just makes me laugh

 I can't thank a sweet fellow blogger enough for letting us borrow this Bo Peep costume and letting us have this adorable lamb costume. So fun to see our kiddos in the same costumes!

Cutest pumpkin around

How is our lil' man FOUR months old already!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Kids Room Reveals

It's the truth. 
I have been slacking on my blog. 
I didn't forget about it but life is little busier nowadays. 
My goal is to post at least once a month because I do love blogging! 

For now....just a little room reveal:) 
Harper has been in her big girl bed since this past spring/early summer and did so well transitioning from her crib!!! I'm so proud of her and she loved her big girl bed from the beginning and still does! It has made it nice for us that her bed is so big because we can cozy up with her to read bedtime stories and have plenty of room. 

Hudson's room was a little harder for me because I tend to like more girlish ideas. 
I do love woodsy themes right now and so that was what we were going for. 
I love the fact that a lot of things in the room were made by us! Jarod made the wood pieces above the changing table and wood toy storage compartment (reused from Harper's room), I made the paint sample banner, and we both worked on making the chalkboard.     

Harper's room

Hudson's room