Saturday, February 5, 2011

Projects and The Big 30

A couple weeks ago Jarod's aunt Mary and cousin Darla painted our living room/dining room I wanted to post some pics. After living in our home for over 3 years we FINALLY painted this room!! I wish I would have done it a long time ago b/c I love it so much more:) I kept putting it off b/c I could deal with it (just a little plain) but then I started looking at pictures and getting ideas. Well......after seeing a fellow bloggers picture (Courtney Owens) I seen a color that would fit our living room!!! Thanks so much Court!!!! And thanks to Mary and Darla's awesome painting skills! Next room is the bedroom. haha. Because you know there is always a project!

Tried to get a close up. The color is Norman Brown at Sherwin Williams.


 After- In person you can tell even more of a difference.

Before- Don't mind Khloe's toys. haha


Finally made my fabric necklace. Still working on the flowers and trying some different fabrics out.

My hubby turned the Big 30 on January 29!!! Had to get a gift shot!

Coldstone Cake. Yum!! And of course reese's:)

Went out to eat at Mi Pueblo for the birthday boy's b-day!

Right after they came out singing. haha

Last picture of the night. I Love you Jarod and I am so happy I could spend another birthday with you!! I met you when you were 20 and now I can't believe you are already 30.....oh how time flies.