Monday, May 24, 2010

Did somebody say Mexico

Do you ever have plans and then at the last minute they are changed?! Well, that is what happened last week. Jarod and I had plans to leave with my parents to Destin, Fl. last sunday in their RV. My dad didn't feel very good the whole week before and was hoping he would get medicine or get results back from his tests before we left. It got to friday and he decided that we weren't going to be able to go with them:( It was for the best though b/c I wouldn't want to leave and then he start feeling worse. Who likes to go on vacay feeling sick anyways. I am not going to lie I was bummed since I was sooo excited to go somewhere my parents. Even though staying a whole week in the RV was going to be a little crowded  we were up for it!! I think my mom and I were the most excited but I guess we will have to try another time.

Jarod and I knew we wanted to do something since we were both going to be off. Hmmmm......what should we do???? We had talked about going to Destin by oursleves, maybe Las Vegas or Key West. We had plans to go to Mexico later in the year for our last vacay this year. So we thought maybe we should go to mexico NOW and give it a shot later this year to go with my parents to Destin. Sounded like a good idea and it was going to be cheaper to go to Mexico now then later. I guess that was one good thing about booking so LAST  MINUTE! I had already knew of a couple hotels we liked b/c I had already researched a little on the Riviera Maya in Mexico. And after looking ALL day sunday on the internet we booked our vacay and left monday morning at 3 am. Yeah I think I only got like 4 hours of sleep. I didn't care though b/c we were going to Mexico. haha. I always tell Jarod I am thankful that we are able to visit different places like this. I LOVE to travel and Jarod does too but not as much as I do. He is always up for it though. He is such a great husband:) I know not all people are able to travel this much or even travel much at all. I always enjoy it to my fullest everytime we go b/c I know if we are able to have a child we probably won't travel as much. But it would be worth it:)

On to our trip. We left monday morning and arrived to the airport an hour and half before our departure. We thought we were doing good on timing and thought it won't even be that busy b/c out flight was leaving at 6:30. Wrong! The line to check in our bags was super long and they even let some of us cut to the front b/c it was getting closer to our departure time. Then we got to the security check point and that line was long. I was like, you can't be serious. We waited in line watching our clocks about every minute thinking we are going to miss our plan. We asked a couple people if they would let us cut and they were nice enough to let us. I felt bad asking but then again I made sure there flight time was later than ours. So we got through and took off on a dead sprint to our plan. Yeah we were "those" people. Funny now but not so funny at the time. We had to run atleast a 1/4 mile b/c our flight was leaving at the very end of the terminal (i think that is what you call it). The lady said they were getting ready to shut the doors and that she would let us on. I was like, I can't believe it. I really thought we were going to miss our plan. I was getting soo nervous! As she was checking our ticket I told her there was another lady coming b/c we had talked to her earlier. She made it too!!! Yeah! So we weren't the last one's on the plane;) We got in our seats and just took a deep breath. Not a good start. But after that we didn't have any problems. Thank God!  

We arrived to Cancun around 1:20 and were at our hotel a little before 3. We ate right away b/c we were starving. Well I was! Jarod can go a whole day without eating. Then after that we relaxed on the beach. I could just sit there all day looking at the gorgeous water! Ate supper that night and were out around 9 from being exhausted. Such a long day!

The next couple of days we took tennis lessons, played beach volleyball a lot, relaxed, ate too much, walked on the beach, did some swimming/floating in the pool (had an awesome lazy river), took a bike tour to a local town, visited a small zoo and did some other activities they had at the hotel.  It was a GREAT vacation and we had fun spending time together and even met some people from around the world. We met this older couple from Scotland on their 50th anniversary. We talked to them at the pool for a while. It was neat hearing about their life compared to ours. They were a cool couple! Now we are back to reality:( Warm reality!! Then later today we finally get to see our nephew (Dre) in person!!! Such a happy time. Can't wait to see who he looks like?!

Hope everyone has a good week and I will have to post pictures soon of our vacay!