Saturday, March 21, 2015

Vacay to 30A

I'm not sure if many know about 30A in Florida but it's one of favorite places to visit!! We love the laid back feel of the area, all the bike trails, neat little shops, yummy food, cute houses, the fact that there are no high rise hotels everywhere and everyone is so friendly! This was Harper's second time to the beach and won't be her last:) We did learn one lesson during this trip and that was to make sure we drive during the night, it goes SO much more smoothly that way. We drove during the night on the way down and Harper slept the entire time, but on the way back was a totally different story. We stopped half way but she just hated that dang car seat! Other than that it went really well and we planned everything around Harper's schedule. You pretty much have to and that was fine with us.  

Our tradition of eating breakfast at Cracker Barrel (this was the morning we arrived)

I loved the dunes

Harper getting her second glance at the beach

Getting settled in (loved our condo)

Going to see the dolphins, sea lion, sting rays and sharks...oh my;) 

Getting close

Ready to chow down

Having fun while waiting on our food

Shopping while Harper napped

This was such a sweet moment. We were in a toy store looking around and when I looked down Harper had pulled this toy off the shelf all by herself and was just hugging it. I just had to buy it for her:)

Loving the sand and didn't want to leave it

Love my girl soo much


These restaurants are some of our favorite

Daddy loves his girl

Beach photo shoot 
(It was hard to get clear photos because it was so foggy and really no good source of light)

Just walking around checking things out 

Just having fun

I love this photo on our last night

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Birthday Girl's Day

We wanted Harper's actual birthday to be a day with just the three us! It was such a special day to us and it felt better keeping it a family day. We wanted to make it all about the birthday girl because it was HER day! 

Harper woke up with balloons in her crib, though she didn't really understand why they were in her crib. ha. She had a cinnamon roll for breakfast topped with a candle of course! We lounged around the house that morning and then headed to her one year follow-up appointment. Which, everything checked out perfectly:) We knew that! Harper took a nap after lunch and then we headed to a bouncy house. We ate at a Mexican restaurant for supper and still had barely enough time to let her open her last gift (we saved her big gift from us for this day) from us before bath and bedtime. It was a little busier than planned but she had a blast! Well, the doctor visit could have been left out if she had a choice;) We will never forget this day and it felt wonderful to spend the whole day together!

ONE Year Old

*I am 29 1/2 inches and 19.1 pounds
*I have 2 teeth
*I love..clapping my hands, bath time, mommy and daddy, my paci, hanging upside down, laughing, climbing on the couch & playing peek a boo
*My favorite foods: squash, cheerios, yogurt, cheese, applesauce & chocolate
*I can say: momma, dadda, baba, ball, up, gaga & apple
*My favorite toys...books, Minnie ride on toy, My Pal Violet, balls & my chair
*My favorite song is "all about that bass"
*I just started WALKING!!!

And....we have pictures of course!!   

She wanted to touch the candle. So curious anymore!

At first she didn't really know what to think of these things but warmed up and loved them!  

We went down this slide so many times!

Toddler section. 

She wanted to climb all by herself

This picture makes me laugh...she wasn't sure about that slide down 

Love them

Harper was like, holly molly that thing is way too big for you dad!

They came out to sing and she was doing fine...until the little clapper things started.

She wasn't so sure of the sombrero 

Her last gift. She will love playing peekaboo in this!