Sunday, February 7, 2016

Snow Much Fun

Last month we had a "snow day" as a family and had a blast!! I almost forgot how much fun it is to play in the snow!! Last year Harper was too small, so we didn't play in it much. Harper had an absolute ball in it and didn't want to go back inside, but her cheeks were getting red, and momma didn't want her girl getting sick. I usually don't hope for much snow but I'm kinda hoping we have one more snow day:)  

Harper loves mower rides and rhino rides

Turning around and saying, do it again (in the cutest voice)...she loved going down the small hill

And, somebody has a SECOND birthday coming up!!!!! Trying to get a half way decent picture for her invitations. lol

This is how it went....

little cheeser

Hoping the candy would help her sit still....nope. She just kicked back and enjoyed it;)

I finally got a good one!! This was the picture we used!