Saturday, September 17, 2016

Harper 2.5 Years Old

Harper turned 2.5 years old on August 25th!! 
Our once little baby is growing up right in front of our eyes! We love to see her grow up but we feel like it happens all so quickly, just a little too fast. We cherish these moments and this time God has given us to be her mommy and daddy! I can't describe how much love we have for our sweet Harper but I hope she always knows how much we love her! She's such a sweet little girl and is adjusting pretty well to being big sis.  

Harper is: sweet, shy, silly, determined, a little stubborn, little helper and smart. 

Wearing size 2T-3T clothes and size 7 toddler shoes.

Loves: riding her tricycle, play dough, her sandbox, playing on her swing set, roundabouts, Peppa Pig, Mickey/Minnie Mouse, sidewalk chalk, painting, playing picnic, looking at the moon, playing in our vehicles, playing with beans, bath time, playing hide and seek and being a big sister!

Favorite Foods: applesauce, corn, ice-cream, hot dogs, m&m's or really any chocolate, soup, peanut butter, yogurt and cookies. 

And....just started potty training and is doing so well!! Almost 100% potty trained during the day!!! This is something that we talked about for a few months, attempted, and she didn't really want anything to do with the potty. We didn't give up and talked about it a lot and finally one day I think she was just ready:) 

Love that smile

 We love to swing like this

First car ride together 

Showing off her Peppa Pigs

We love to do crafts 

Best Friends

Wearing daddy's UPS hat

Sometimes you just need to make a mess

Trying out tumbling