Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Ever since we got back from our trip a couple weeks ago infertility has been haunting me. The whole time we were cruising the open seas I didn't think about our infertility... not even once!!! I know some may say, not even once? I don't know why I didn't but I think it was because we were always doing something and I didn't have time to think about it. I don't know how other people get after a trip but I was a little down for a couple days after our trip because it was all over with. Back to reality!!! I was also missing my friends like crazy!!! After being with them for a whole week it felt weird not seeing their faces.

So I started thinking about our infertility even when I didn't want to think about it. Like the title says, it felt like it was haunting me!!! I truely hate being down!!! For a few days after our trip I was down. I always try to look at the positive in things!! But those of you who have delt with infertility know that it is an up and down rollercoaster. For a couple weeks you are okay with it and then a couple weeks later it hits you again. I am one that wants to stay busy so I don't have to think about things like this as much. Not really running from it all but I don't know what to call it. We don't see our infertility doctor (second) until May so I keep praying asking God to keep me strong.

The haunting is going away for me for now but I hope if someone else is dealing with a haunting to just kick it in the booty. haha. This whole experience can make anyone stronger and has defenitely made us stronger! But boy oh boy are we ready to take another step. Wether it be big or small.....just a step!

Show me your ways, O Lord, 
teach me your paths;
guide me in your truth and teach me,
for you are God my savior,
and my hope is in you all day long.
Psalm 25:4-5        

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cruisin the Southern Caribbean

Last year a couple of us decided that we would take a cruise together February of this year. We had talked about it off and on beforehand and decided to go for it this year. We didn't think we could get it all worked out this soon but I am so happy we were able to. Jarod and I love taking trips together but it was nice to go with some other couples too. We don't get to see them as much as we would like because they live in Evansville but this trip allowed us to spend a whole week together:) After talking about this trip for months it finally came but I didn't want it to get here too fast b/c you know as soon as it is here it is over with. Trips always go WAY too fast!!!!!

The other's have never been on a cruise so that is how we decided on what to do. Plus all of us girls have always wanted to see St. Lucia so that is how we decided on the southern caribbean cruise. Totally worth it!!! We ported from San Juan and visited St. Thomas, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and St. Marteen. All beautiful places with such great people. I have a lot of photos I uploaded to look at:)

I have already told them we need to do this again for sure next year or the following year. You know me I am always up for visiting places. Seriously I think I need to be a travel planner on the side. They get free vacays too, don't they?? haha. Thanks for such a great time Wittmer's, Yoder's and of course my hubby!!!!!! And like I always tell people if you ever want any info. on places we have been to just ask because I would love to tell ya!

Here you go

Getting ready to check our bags in at the airport at 5 in the morning.

In San Juan and reading to get onboard the Carnival Victory. Our water home for a week.

Our room. We finally decided to get an oceanview room and loved it. I would always be looking out the window.

Leaving San Juan

Just hanging out

Hello St. Thomas

Sapphire beach in St. Thomas. It was so pretty!


Walking around the beach

Someone got a little sleepy. haha

The Valentine's dessert. I love my chocolate!

What we were greeted with every night when we came back to the room.

Hairy chest competition. All I can say is hilarious but kinda gross too. haha

We had one day at sea. Just relaxing.

Us girls hanging out and trying to get a tan....except we got a little burnt usually!

Love these girls!

The boat was a rockin. haha

Me and my sweetie!

On our catamaran in Barbados.

We got to swim with sea turtles. We were looking forward to this for a while. So fun!

The catamaran we were on for the day!

In St. Lucia

It was so lush in St. Lucia. Just what we thought


Tipping back the bottle a little too much. haha. Just kidding.

Our guide made us angel fish out of palm leaves.

Wild monkeys in St. Kitts. This was so neat! They said the monkey population is double the human population....I thought that was crazy.  We watched the monkeys half the time we were at the beach.

The beach in St. Kitts

Back to the boat

Oh no I had to pull the boat back in before it left us. Glad I had my wheeties that morning. haha

Love him more than words can explain!

Orient beach in St. Marteen. Beautiful!

In our taxi.

Maho beach in St. Marteen. If you ever go to St. Marteen visit this place b/c I don't know of anywhere else like it. The planes take off right behind that fence. Notice the sign on the right. lol

The guys holding on. And this wasn't even the biggest plane.

Watch out

Our last evening on the victory:(

I love looking out and seeing nothing but ocean everywhere. I still think it is crazy to be out in the ocean that far!

Leaving St. Marteen.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!!!