Friday, August 31, 2012

Birthday Time

Lateley I have been slacking BIG time on blogging! It is the summer "end" and we have had other things going on so I kinda put this to the side. I am going to post some pictures of our recent trip to DISNEY though:) We went to Disney for my Birthday and made a short trip of it by staying only three nights. We flew down early monday morning and came back thursday night....someone could get spoiled getting to Orlando in 2 hours! We had four whole days so it was a nice little vacay! We figured it up and we have went to Disney for the past 5 years, six including this year now!!! We had to keep the tradition going!

We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge! LOVE this hotel!

Our room. We got a basic room but we ended up getting a partial view of the savannah to see the animals!

Just trying some things on at the store:)

We ate at Sanaa for my b-day dinner! Yum!

We could watch the animals from our table! I recommend this place for anyone going to Disney. Don't worry though we didn't have to watch what we were eating. lol

Cute restaurant and cute hubby:) hehe

Looky....being silly! This is what our nephew Dre's face looks like sometimes!  

Just relaxin

And roastin some marshmallows at our hotel.

We only went to one park and decided on Epcot since we went to Magic Kingdom last year. We love both but Magic is still going to be our fav.

This was so neat. A plane was writing in the air! I told Jarod we had to take a picture!

Germany was our favorite!

This guy was funny! I threw the ball in the net in one it took Jarod I don't know how many times! But he was messing with Jarod too;)

Look who I found working

Just having fun on our patio! I told Jarod to keep his hair like that but he ended up wearing it like his usual.

More of our hotel grounds!

Last night:(  We had to laugh at the guy taking our picture b/c he had to go 1, 2...1, 2, 3 then took the picture. Both times.

The attack duck demanding food in downtown Disney! 

We like to resort hop at Disney and this time we went to Port Orleans Riverside and found this cute little bridge while walking. I am beginning to be more of a southern lover each year!

And last one!!!! See if you can find the hidden mickey?? We always look for them when we are at Disney and Animal Kingdom Lodge has the most so got to find out where most of them are.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Remembering my Sister

July 27, 2012 at noon was eight years since the car accident on July 27, 2004. It doesn't seem like eight years already! I will never forget that day or the night before the accident, which would be the last time I would see Lindsey here on earth. I still pray for dreams with her in them, think about her everyday and wonder what she is doing in heaven. When she died it was only 6 days after her 14th birthday. We are 5 years apart in age and we were just starting to get that close sisterly bond. We always got along but as we got older we were more interested in the same things, if you know what I mean?! 

Lindsey didn't ask for much, LOVED animals (especially rabbits, horses, dogs and cats), was a hard woker (she detasled corn that summer- I don't know if I could ever do that!), had a good heart and it didn't bother her much what others thought of her. The accident actually happened when they were on their way to the 4-H grounds. 

For the longest time I didn't talk about Lindsey or the accident much but gradually did start and now I want to bring her up. I don't know if a lot of people really know what exactly happened because I didn't explain it much. And I won't go into much detail. All I know is that I will NEVER forget seeing the car spin into the ditch in what seemed  like slow motion. I had never seen a car accident and then all of a sudden it was MY family that I was seeing in front of my eyes. I remember trying to feel for Lindsey's pulse while talking to my parents since they were awake the entire time during everything. I didn't know what to do

It didn't take long for help to arrive or until I was told to go into one of the ambulance's in which I don't remember what family remember was in that time. Everything seemed like a blur. When I received the news it felt like I was in a how they start out with the "not as bad news" to the worst possible! I just couldn't believe it! First my mom was okay but had a concussion, a few broken ribs, had to get staples in her head and they were going to keep her overnight in DCH. Then they told me my dad was life lined to Deaconess already and was in serious condition (I didn't even get to tell him bye). And then it came to my sister. I just knew but didn't want to hear it. 

My dad still says to this day that he should have went and Lindsey lived. It breaks my heart! But I know for now I will never know the exact reason God chose Lindsey. I know it feels like she had a short life here on earth but I bet she is very special up in heaven. It is always hard especially around her birthday and the anniversary! I cherish the memories we had together and I know she is watching over us. As hard as it is sometimes losing someone so close I would never change in a million years the memories we had those 14 years to none at all! 

The picture below is one my parents had made and I just LOVE it:) 
Lindsey Rochelle Nelson