Saturday, January 31, 2015

Eleven Months Old

I have been busy with work, planning Harper's FIRST birthday, planning our next family beach vacation and just enjoying our little girl that I almost forgot to update my blog. I enjoy blogging but it feels like every month Harper gets busier and busier and blogging is the last thing I get to. I just have to make time though, right;)

Harper is becoming quite the mover and crawls from room to room trying to see what she can get into. I know she could walk if she wanted but she doesn't feel brave enough or willing to take the leap. She walks around with her walker, walks holding onto everything and has recently started climbing. She can now get onto the couch and that is one of her favorite things to do! She just smiles and laughs once she gets up. It's so cute but that means momma and dadda really have to keep an eye on her. She loves food and would prefer to feed herself or us rather than us feed her. Still loves her paci and loves to share it with us too! So far she loves to share and I hope she always does!

Last year during this month we found out about our miracle. I remember that phone call just like it was yesterday and feeling like this was all a dream. I could hardly contain myself! I was trying so hard to patiently wait for Harper to be born but it was almost impossible! Now as I blog we are planning for her first birthday and I can say these past months went way too fast! I was feeding Harper the other day and talking to her about her first birthday and just started crying. What am I going to do when the day comes? I know I will let out some tears and praise God for this first year with our sweetheart. Mommy and daddy love you, Harper.

*Drinking 8 ounces in the morning with food and bedtime and 6 ounces with lunch and supper along with "big girl" food
*Wearing 9-12 month clothes and starting to wear a few 12 month 
*Size 3 diapers and 3 shoes
*Favorite toys are your walker, Dino popper, ride on toy, books and shape and sound sorter type toy (not sure on the name) 
*Saying dadda, momma, ball, gaga and occasionally dog
*You LOVE to play peek a boo, clap, be tickled, hang upside down, play with Khloe, baths and climbing 

Trying to get just one good picture for her birthday invitations...she made us work for it! Usually she does good with getting her pictures taken but not for this! I took so many and finally just picked one that was going "to do". lol 

Being so serious

She is done 

Play date 

At The Urban Chalkboard. Such a neat place for toddlers and Harper just loved it!

Cousin time with Katie Jo and Harper 

Harper shut the door and couldn't open it. It didn't last long but long enough for momma to get a picture. I have to capture all the moments.  

11 Months Old

I think she is getting tired of the pictures 

Ready to take off

Friday, January 9, 2015


                     Christmas has come and gone and it kinda makes me sad. I really enjoy everything about Christmas! After all it is my favorite time of the year! I remember last year thinking it could be our last Christmas as just the two of us...and it was! I look back and think of how much more wonderful it is to have Harper here with us this Christmas. I will cherish all the memories we made and thank God for our miracle each and everyday! I made sure to take lots of pictures and start traditions that we will pass on for many years. Last year we wrapped a gift (baby blanket) for our precious child we were waiting on and this year Harper was able to cuddle in it. I still feel like somebody needs to pinch me because for many years there was an emptiness, like that blanket had nothing to keep warm, but now it is filled! The first picture pretty much sums up how great of a Christmas we had!                        

   Oh, I just LOVE that sweet face!

I love baking but this year it was a little tougher but that's okay!

First Christmas party and Harper wasn't sure of it all!


The great grandkids

                            With most of her gifts from gma and gpa. I tell them they spoil her just a little;)

                                                           Gma loved helping Harper

Gma and gpa helping open gifts! My poor dad had to have surgery and is on bedrest, so we just opened gifts around him! 

Lindsey's ornament this year...if only she could be with us 

With my mom and gma

   Christmas Eve 

First look at the tree Christmas morning 

Khloe couldn't wait and actually stuck her face in her bag and tried to get her gift out. ha.I guess Harper was taking too long to open presents.

 I was so excited to see her on her own little chair!


I wasn't sure if this would happer but we were able to get a picture of all the kids together! I love that our famliy is growing and Harper will have cousins her age to play with! 


Serious discussion going on here;)

Our last picture from Christmas 2014....