Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

Be prepared for LOTS of pictures!!! We had three Christmas get togethers the week-end before Christmas, two on Christmas day and will finish up on New Year's Day! It was a busy week but I loved every minute of it!
My favorite time of the year!

Started off with the Nelson Christmas!

They fit right in with the kids coloring ;)

My aunt and cousin. Pretty ladies!

My aunt and uncle

Me and my momma

My dad with his sister, brother and g-ma

The Knepp Christmas was next!
Katie Jo

Me and one of my favorite girls!

The kids did a gift exchange and had a blast! It is always more exciting to watch the kids open gifts!

They love each other

Then the Nelson Christmas with my parents

My dad loves to grill so he was in heaven when he got omaha steaks!

The dogs scoping things out

 Lindsey's gift. It reminded me of her sleeping in the clouds in heaven.

Christmas Eve Jarod didn't get home till 7:15....the latest ever for him on Chrtsmas Eve. We were counting down the days for peak to end at UPS because it was a busy winter. After this we got in our new jammies, made hot chocolate and watched a Christmas Story. It was a debate between that and Elf! One of our traditions we started. 

In our jammies. Love my little family!

Hot chocolate. Yup! 

Khloe didn't do so well training to be an elf last year. So, this year we thought maybe a reindeer?! She looks so funny in this picture. hehe.

Our Christmas

I had to get a gift while we are waiting! 

Then Schroering Christmas!
This was the only photo I got because there were so many running around most of the time.

Last but not least Christmas at Jarod's mom
Jarod and nephew Dre

Jarod's mom

The boys minus Justin

Friday, December 20, 2013

Update in Pictures

 It's almost CHRISTMAS!!!! I have some pictures I took the past couple weeks and didn't want to forget to post them. Trying to stay on top of things! I have done pretty good so far!

 Our Christmas card
I usually pick a card with atleast some Christmas colors but wanted someting different this year. I loved it!

Shoveling ALL that snow we got that took forever to melt

Our nephew's got baptised

We got to hang out with our niece one sunday! I could just hug and kiss her all day:) She had a couple "episodes" and my brother in law said, do you still want a kid? Heck yeah.....give me 3. Kidding! Well, we will just start with 1! 

So intense. lol

Having fun!
Whenver I see this it reminds me how great a father Jarod is going to be!

 With some of the family

For some reason ALL of the neighbors were bad and had to get coal;)

Khloe turned SIX and celebrated with some ice-cream.....she is ready to chow down!

Hope everyone is ready for Christmas!

I can't help but to keep thinking this may be our last Christmas just the two of us....and Khloe!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

December Update

I called our agency to get an update on our status yesterday! I plan on calling them the first week or so of each month.....hopefully I don't have to do it for too many months! But, we just don't know. They told me that our profile was given to two birth mother's in November and one in December so far!!! I get all excited when they tell me this because one of those women could possibly choose us:) It varies when the birth mother's call or get back to our agency. It could be days, weeks or months. I know they need time to think about everything.....I would want them to do that! But, I can't help and get excited! That is one part of the wait that makes it hard because you have such hope and joy but really don't know what is going to happen. I just keep praying! It is crazy to think that our child could be conceived and growing as I type!

We were number 28 on the waiting list last month and we our now number 25!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Truth

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone.....and Black Friday (yes, I love to go shopping online and in stores that day). I know there is so much to be Thankful for and I AM Thankful for so much! But, at the same time this Thanksgiving I didn't get into as much as I you usually do. The truth is I feel like there is a missing piece and that just holds me back. I went to bed with tears in my eyes praying for the time to come for us to have "our little family". I love seeing all those pictures posted on Facebook and blogs but at the same time am envious. I know Christmas will be here before we know it! In 23 that, right!? Whew! I lOVE listening to Christmas music, baking, decorating, spending time with family and friends, driving around looking at Christmas lights, picking out gifts and remembering the true reason of Christmas! But, deep down inside I will be waiting on the BEST gift EVER.