Sunday, September 28, 2014

Seven Months Old

Another month has passed and now you are seven months old! You are so much fun and you like to really watch and soak everything in. You are wanting to be a big girl but you still need some help;) You like to somewhat crawl (you are almost crawling!!!) towards us and then we hold our hands out and you love to pull yourself up. It's one of your favorite things to do! Once you stand you always give a big smile and will usually start squealing and making noises. You are always so happy and we give you lovin all the time! You are so stinkin sweet and we just love you to pieces! Khloe still gets a little jealous and fights for attention sometimes and always wants to play ball while we are playing with you. Just two will be best of buddies!

*Eating 6-7.5 ounces four times a day and 1 jar of baby food
*Wearing size 2 diapers
*Wearing mostly 3-6 and some 6-9 month clothes
*Love your jumperoo, cook and play potsy, toys that make noises (not too loud though), watching Khloe, taking walks, doing the airplane, paci (you like to pull it out and put it back in), kisses and flipping over while we try to change your diaper

I love to kiss that sweet face!

Preparing to close!!!

Play date with Alayna and Austin

Harper's newborn beanie hat that she went home from the hospital with. How did you grow so fast!?

They are just friends;) Harper and Keaton are adorable together!

We took Jarod's half brothers to the trampoline park

I think you look just like dad in this picture.

At the trampoline park...trying to get the camera.

Such a special day when we had your Baby Dedication

Trying to figure the walker out now that can reach the floor.

After your bath momma wanted some snuggles!

Beautiful day to take a walk

7 Months Old!!!

This picture makes us laugh!! I guess you were tired of smiling for the camera. haha

Ready to explore and get this photo shoot over with:)

PS- You started crawling this week-end!!!! Just a little over 7 months! So, we thought we should order some baby proofing supplies this wek-end as well! lol