Friday, July 24, 2015

Fourth of July

I know, I know, I am always catching up on my blog. I figure as long as I update I'm still doing good, right;) I just had to post pictures from the 4th of July week-end! I always love this time of the year and enjoying time with family and friends, fresh watermelon and corn, barbecue, warm summer nights, parades, fireworks and dresing our sweetie up all cute. It always amazes me and does make me a little sad to think how much more grown up Harper is compared to her first 4th of July. And, I'm sure I will catch myself saying that every year. 
Her popsicle kept her occupied during the parade and all the noises didn't even bother her 

Her cuteness always wins her some extra candy...or a flag

Having fun

Maybe a little sugar overload, but we can do that sometimes

The 'cool' way to swing nowadays. lol

These two are just way too cute together

Keaton wanted to give Harper a kiss

This is so precious!! Harper wasn't into it though. haha

Just swingin'

Had to get a family photo and almost forgot

Harper fell asleep, so we got to enjoy the fireworks a little and cuddle:)

Our nephew was in awe of the fireworks, it was so cute

Time with family and the trampoline is always a hit

Love my nephew, Lance

Lance and Harper are only 10 months apart. So happy Harper has cousins that are close to her age.

J-rod giving the kiddos a ride

And, one last family picture! 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Ready for Summer

We have been busy with everything summer related that I have put my blog on the back burner! Tonight I was thinking I haven't updated in while....over a month is longer than I like to go! I was about to start pinning on Pinterest for an upcoming DISNEY trip (especially excited because this will be Harper's FIRST visit), but thought I might as well put a little update on here:)

 Harper just turned 16 months old and is acting much more like a toddler. Our baby is growing up! She is always saying, baby, whenever we see one. She is definitely letting us know what she likes and dislikes and thinks it's so funny when she puts something in her mouth that she isn't supposed to. She thinks every animal is a doggy, knows where most of her body parts are, loves the outside, is becoming a daddy girl, loves to "go go" in the wagon, loves to put on shoes, tries to dress herself (we don't get too far), loves her sweets and is just the sweetest little girl!! We just love her so much...more than we could have ever imagined! 

Warm weather means lots of biking. First bike ride and she loved it!

This never happens but Harper fell asleep in her high chair.

Huber's is a favorite of ours to visit!

Harper loves any kind of slide!

Playing with cousin, Katie. We can even say, Katie!! It sounds so cute too! 

The Harpers
This makes me laugh because of the expression on her face and being so serious.

Documenting the little moments because they go way too fast! 

She thought this was so funny, but it had to taste bad!

Those little hands

Friends from high school made a trip to Nashville. I love after all these years we still get together!