Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ten Months Old

Look who is ten months old already! This month momma cut back to working just one 12 hour shift a week since dad was working extra long hours at UPS. I always love this time of year but it makes it harder when this is the toughest time of year for your dad at work. I loved spending the extra time with you though...we just missed dad!!! You are such a good traveler and I took you shopping with me a couple times and you loved it! As long as you had things to look at and people to smile at you were fine.

You were still busy but this month seemed much easier because you would keep content longer with your toys or things we were doing. This month was still the month of exploring though! When you get bored you usually crawl to the kitchen and straight for Khloe's dog food bowl, cabinets (only certain ones you of now) or your walker. You love to stand on it and it makes momma nervous! You also learned to finally walk around in your walker!!!! One day you just took off and you are a pro at it! This month was also the month where you found your love for food. lol. Anytime we are eating you come crawling as fast as you can! You like pretty much anything and everything! You look like a little birdie when you want to eat and it's the cutest thing! It's so much fun seeing you grow and try new things! We can't get enough of you and just want to kiss you all the time. We love you more than you will ever know.

*Eating 8 ounces in the morning and bedtime and 6 ounces for lunch and supper along with some food. 
*Size 3 diapers
*Size 9 month clothes and size 3 shoes
*Your favorite toys are your activity table, walker, cook and play potsy, books and your soft blocks
*This month you loved saying dada or dad ALL the time 
*You love to clap, wave and make this cute scrunchy face look

Thanksgiving Day- I love this picture!

You and your second cousin Elijah that are only 5 days apart!

I had to get a picture with you on Thanksgiving

                                    Trying mexican food for the first time! Of course you loved it!

                                                 Your face when dad gets home from work

                                                    We can put your hair in a pigtail now!

                                                   First time in the tub without your "baby tub"

Yogurt face

Meeting your cousin Lance Abraham for the first time!

You didn't want Santa holding you at all! Momma held you first but you didn't have quite enough time to warm up to him.

Trying a lemon for the first time

Ten Months

Getting distracted

Love your precious smile


Getting so big!

Love you!