Sunday, February 16, 2014

Prayers Answered

I have been debating on when I wanted to post this. But, I can't hold back the excitement any longer! A birth mother chose US!!!!!! We have known for a few weeks now after our agency gave us "the call". I will never ever forget that moment. I always wondered what it would feel like it and words can't describe! I have felt such a weight lifted after so many years of trying, hoping and praying for a child. I'm not going to go into any detail but everything feels like it is meant to be. I keep thanking God everyday and always will for this gift and opportunity. No papers have been signed because the baby isn't born yet but the birth mother that chose us is AMAZING and everything I had prayed for in a birth mother. Almost too good to be true. I'm not going to say when the due date is just because of my blog being public and for the protection of everyone. I do know we are on cloud nine though:) He/she is going to receive an abundance of love! Love we have been wanting to give a child for so long! I hope everything continues to go so well.

Monday, February 3, 2014


The past couple weekends we have been able to go skating, celebrate Jarod's 33rd Birthday and one of my best friends had her baby shower! She had a gender reveal shower and we found out she is having a GIRL! Yay! Except all of us girls thought she was having a boy. We thought we were 99% positive. I guess that is why we don't bet. lol

First time skating in over 10 years!!

Family skating! 

Grandpa skaters of the group. lol

So sweet

The guys

Best friends

Love surprising him!!! New binoculars for hunting:)