Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Surgery Update

My dad had his surgery and is doing very good right now!!! I know the prayers worked! He was in surgery for 4 hours yesterday and felt pretty good except for a stiff neck yesterday after surgery and still today. I think by tomorrow his neck will feel much better! So far the doctor says, everything looks great and maybe he will only have to be in the hospital 2 weeks. He loved hearing that and so did we! Driving to Evansville is a longg drive after you go a couple times a week. Blah! So hopefully no temp. will occur during that time frame and he will heal great. And he may be sucking up to the nurses a little too. He had my mom buy a big stash of candy for everyone. haha. Trying to make the  best out of being in the hospital:)

Also, I wanted to share a video we watched before surgery to give some laughs! I heard about it on the radio and so we had to look it up. Click on this link.... click on most 7 year old rapper Lil' Peanut. He just too cute!

Thanks again for the prayers!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Prayer Request

If anyone could say a little prayer for my dad tomorrow I would appreciate it soo much....and I know he would too:) He is having surgery tomorrow at 2:00 (3:00 our time) in Evansville. I won't really go into to much detail though. He has been getting IV antibiotics for around 6 weeks now everyday and seeing doctors which has been kind of tough on both of my parents. They have been managing their schedules pretty good though and listening to the doctors. That is what has kept him out of the hospital.....until tomorrow. We are guessing he will probably be in the hospital for 3-4 weeks which he is not looking forward to....and I don't blame him. So if you could just keep him in your thoughts it will help so much!! I hope everything goes okay tomorrow and there are no complications. Me being a nurse I always think of what could happen b/c you just never know. Life is so unpredictable! My dad has made it through A LOT already so I have confidence he can make it through a lot more!!! I don't know what I would do without my parents! I thank God everyday for them and I know Lindsey will be looking down on us.


Friday, September 17, 2010

"The Boat"

I just wanted to post a picture of our boat that we fixed up.....well we are still in the process of fixing it up! I think it might be one of those never ending things?! You know what I mean! We are going to do the rest this fall/winter when we can't use the boat. Still need to put a shiny coat on the outside and paint the inside. Until then we just want to get some use out of it and we have. Have you seen a boat taking laps around the Montgomery Lake?? That might have been us. haha.

The before- We sanded it all down and made the top front bigger. It is hard to tell in the after pic.

The after- We wanted to see the wood grains but I think we might put just a little more stain on the outside.

The HOT driver. hehe.

Me posing:)

Just enjoying our boat!

Oh, and I have been making more tutu's again! I kind of went through a slow period where I didn't really make any and I just made 2 this past week!!!  This is for a one year old when she welcome's her little brother at the hospital and then she is going to wear it around Christmas time too.

This is for a Boy! Joking!! Made for the fall time.

One of my best friends from college was celebrating her daughter's birthday last week-end and had these cute cupcakes. It was fairy themed if you couldn't tell;) 

And this is the birthday girl!! She is such a doll and did so good at her party. She even ate all of her cupcake....she LOVED it! She is already going to be a big sister next year!

Hope you enjoyed the pics!! If you have any suggestions on the boat let me know! I think we are going to paint the inside a bluish/green color. What do you think?!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

We Love our Doctor

Wow, it has been a month since I blogged. How did that happen?! We haven't been really busy and I didn't want to bore anyone so I guess that is how that happened! I have been following other blogs though. haha. This past week/week-end we had a little more going on. Lots of birthdays in the month of August. I turned 25, my father-in-law had a birthday, my grandma and a good friend.

This past sunday after church we went to my grandmas to celebrate her b-day. She wanted to cook crazy g-ma. I love her to death though and she sure does have some good cooking skills! After that we went on a little cruise in our BOAT! Well it isn't like a normal boat it is an antique wooden boat that we have been working on. Nothing fancy but Jarod and I both love it! We just love the fact that we have a wooden boat....not to many of those around anymore! It seats 4-6 people and we have been working on it for the past month and are still working on it. We had to sand the entire boat and re-stain it, then build a new back for it and had to find an antique motor. We were so excited to take it makes all that work worthwhile! I will have to post some before and after pics. It doesn't go very fast but is so relaxing out on the water with it:)

This past monday we had our appintment with the urologist/male infertility specialist in Indy. Going to the appointment we didn't know what to expect. We have been coming out of other doctor's appointments feeling a little down and more confused on what we wanted to do. Well this was the first appointment we left with feelings of HOPE! We both LOVED the doctor and he was so easy talk to and actually made a plan. My kind of doc!!! The doc. is  Dr. Thompson in Indy and I totally recommend him to anyone that is going through infertility! When we found out about Jarod's low sperm count I knew we had to see a urologist to have Jarod checked out and we did but I feel seeing a doctor that has a specialty in male infertility is so important! He did an excellent assessment on Jarod, did more blood work (checked the levels of his hormones) and another semen analysis. When we go to our next appointment we will get the results of the blood work and the doctor wants to do another semen anylysis. Yeah just what Jarod wanted to hear. NOT!! But he is willing to another. I gotta love him for being such a good sport! The doctor wants to do another semen anaylsis b/c Jarod's count was ZERO this time. Okay we had two tests that had 2 million and now zero. So the doctor wants to do another test to compare the semen anaylsis' and then go from there. Maybe if this next one is zero Jarod may a blockage? I don't want to start jumping to conclusions until we get the results of all the tests though!

When we left we felt happy for once leaving a doctor's appointment. Not happy that we are having to go through this but that we actually felt comfortable and a little relieved. No we didn't get much more answered and we may not at the next visit but we feel better that this doctor is trying to rule out everything to figure what may be causing Jarod's count to be low and to help us out. We felt like he really cared and you don't how good that made us feel! I know not all people get answers and we may not either. If we do I pray that we will have hope in having a child!! So until then we are still not bring the subject up as much and enjoying life with it just being Jarod and I. We still talk to family and friends about it but it isn't so much a main topic as it was before between the two of us. Even though at night I still pray that our dreams will come true of having a child of our own!

I also wanted to tell a funny story from the doctors office. I thought it was funny but you may of had to just be there. The doctor was doing an assessment on Jarod and Jarod was already not looking forward to this doc. grabbing his goods. haha. So the doctor did what he had to do and then Jarod "thought" he was done and so did I. Then the doctor says now if you could turn around and bend over the table I am going to have to check your prostate!!!! I didn't know if Jarod knew how they checked that or not.......well the look on his face when he turned around to look at me was priceless.....and he knew how they checked it. hahaha. I couldn't help but bust out laughing when he looked at me like that and the doctor was like I know, I know but I have to do this. I was laughing the entire time and that doc. was proabably thinking a good wife you have. haha. It didn't last long and Jarod hopes to not have that checked for a while!!! I don't blame him!

Also, the doctor answered our question of what we thought was a variocele we felt. Come to find out it is a cyst and nothing to worry about. That is good to know!!  

Hope everyone is having a good week and it is almost FRIDAY and a 3 day week-end for most!!! Picures to come in the next post!