Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hudson's Three Month Photos

I always look forward to having professional photos taken of our kids! I love coming up with ideas and putting together our little matching outfits! I seriously think I could do this every month, but the hubs may not like that;) 
Thanks to our awesome photographer for always capturing these moments and I will always cherish these photos. And....I already have ideas in my head for our next photo session!  

My little family

Harper, you sure are growing up 

Laughing at us

That smile

Looks like Hudson is about to put a whoopin' to somebody. haha

So dapper


The end to a great day 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fall 2016

Now that we've put up our Christmas tree and are in full Christmas spirit, I better post some fall photos!! 
I love fall time and we enjoyed it to its fullest, but I think Jarod was getting a little falled out;) Harper wasn't into the pumpkins as much this year but she had a lot of fun dressing up and going trick or treating. She really loved it...and getting all that candy!! Hudson just went with the flow and enjoyed a lot firsts. 

Picking out pumpkins to carve

 We always love to go to this market

 The chickens were Harper's favorite 

 I just love her

 Girls day

 That smile gets me everytime


 This picture just makes me laugh

 I can't thank a sweet fellow blogger enough for letting us borrow this Bo Peep costume and letting us have this adorable lamb costume. So fun to see our kiddos in the same costumes!

Cutest pumpkin around

How is our lil' man FOUR months old already!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Kids Room Reveals

It's the truth. 
I have been slacking on my blog. 
I didn't forget about it but life is little busier nowadays. 
My goal is to post at least once a month because I do love blogging! 

For now....just a little room reveal:) 
Harper has been in her big girl bed since this past spring/early summer and did so well transitioning from her crib!!! I'm so proud of her and she loved her big girl bed from the beginning and still does! It has made it nice for us that her bed is so big because we can cozy up with her to read bedtime stories and have plenty of room. 

Hudson's room was a little harder for me because I tend to like more girlish ideas. 
I do love woodsy themes right now and so that was what we were going for. 
I love the fact that a lot of things in the room were made by us! Jarod made the wood pieces above the changing table and wood toy storage compartment (reused from Harper's room), I made the paint sample banner, and we both worked on making the chalkboard.     

Harper's room

Hudson's room

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Harper 2.5 Years Old

Harper turned 2.5 years old on August 25th!! 
Our once little baby is growing up right in front of our eyes! We love to see her grow up but we feel like it happens all so quickly, just a little too fast. We cherish these moments and this time God has given us to be her mommy and daddy! I can't describe how much love we have for our sweet Harper but I hope she always knows how much we love her! She's such a sweet little girl and is adjusting pretty well to being big sis.  

Harper is: sweet, shy, silly, determined, a little stubborn, little helper and smart. 

Wearing size 2T-3T clothes and size 7 toddler shoes.

Loves: riding her tricycle, play dough, her sandbox, playing on her swing set, roundabouts, Peppa Pig, Mickey/Minnie Mouse, sidewalk chalk, painting, playing picnic, looking at the moon, playing in our vehicles, playing with beans, bath time, playing hide and seek and being a big sister!

Favorite Foods: applesauce, corn, ice-cream, hot dogs, m&m's or really any chocolate, soup, peanut butter, yogurt and cookies. 

And....just started potty training and is doing so well!! Almost 100% potty trained during the day!!! This is something that we talked about for a few months, attempted, and she didn't really want anything to do with the potty. We didn't give up and talked about it a lot and finally one day I think she was just ready:) 

Love that smile

 We love to swing like this

First car ride together 

Showing off her Peppa Pigs

We love to do crafts 

Best Friends

Wearing daddy's UPS hat

Sometimes you just need to make a mess

Trying out tumbling 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hudson's Birth

A little about our journey to adopting our son and his amazing birth. 

We received "the call" 147 days before Hudson's birth. We were excited to know for this length of time but then we knew it would be a long five months of waiting. We formed a great relationship with Hudson's birth mother and she helped make "the wait" much easier and we really grew to love her. Of course we still had times where we would become scared of the possibilities because any mother going through this decision could change their mind at any point. I think that is one of the hardest parts because you are constantly getting sooo excited but then pulling yourself back because you could possibly become hurt and that is one of the scariest feelings. So we prayed about it. We prayed every night and continued to feel that God was reminding us that this was our son. After all, HE had this all planned out and we just needed to trust in HIM.

Hudson's due date was July 8th but his birth mother was induced on July 1st. We took guesses on his weight, thought of what he would look like, how he would act, what his first breath would like. We weren't there for Harper's birth, so we were very excited to cherish this beautiful moment. We thought that was so kind of Hudson's birth mother to allow us to experience this moment with her. Something we will forever be grateful for because we never knew if we would get to experience the birth of any of our children. 

We arrived at the hospital around 10am, talked with one another and enjoyed each others company. It was probably around 3:30pm when Jarod and I decided to go take a little walk. We came back and waited outside the room and didn't know exactly what was going on, we were just told to hold on. Soon after the doctor comes out and says, we are about to have a baby. What!? We were in shock!!! Dilating from 5-6 to a 10 in a matter of 45 minutes is what just happened! My heart starts racing and it wasn't long after that the most precious little boy took his first breathe. It was amazing and something we will never ever forget. We were in awe and even more in love. Of course we took lots of pictures and started snuggling right away. 

I know placing your child for adoption is never easy, it's a selfless act and you do it all out of love, love for this child. Adoption has truly touched us and we know without a doubt this is how God wanted us to form our family. Ohana- Ohana means family and family is everything, whether it be through blood, adoption or intentional. I love my little family and they are my everything! 


Harper has here suitcase packed and ready to head to Nana and Papa's while mommy and daddy head to the hospital. Our little girl is getting so big!

 The big day

Soon after Hudson's birth

 Finding out how much Hudson weighs......7lb 4oz

I think he kinda looks like his sister 

First photo with mommy and daddy 

Harper meeting her lil' bro for the first time 

Harper wouldn't hold Hudson but would give him a half hug

Looking at this picture makes me so happy!