Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We are ACTIVE!

I wanted to announce that we are officially ACTIVE on the waiting list!!!!!!

Can it really be?

We are so EXCITED!

We now get to experience the "wait" that everyone that has adopted or is currently waiting talks about. I was talking to our agency and asked them, what do we do now? They said, just wait. I guess after working on different things and making sure everything was getting done I felt like I should be doing something. 

I was looking back on our journey and wanted to put these dates down mostly for my myself for when we look back. We visited our agency for the first time to ask questions on May 24th. We got to meet our social worker for the first time on June 20th, went to our first class on July 19th and had our home study on August 8th. It took three months to complete everything but it didn't feel that long! At first I was like, it won't take that long but it does. 

We mail all of our printed letters tomorrow and then keep our phones on us pretty much at all times. In our class they said to feel like you are expecting because we could possibly have a child in nine months. I know that is not always the case but I still want to prepare myself for these months ahead and the possibilities! We really don't know what HE has planned for us but we do know there are plans. Praying for us and the mother that is out there!         

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Friends & Family

Just a post with updates in pictures! Sometimes that just works best to record what has been going on in our life. 

We took Jarod's half brothers putt putting and to get ice-cream one evening! Aidan got a hole in one! 

The boys

Being silly and having fun

Our niece turned the big ONE! This is right before she started crying because she got icing on her foot.

Girls day one Saturday with two of my college roomies! So glad we can find time to get together....even though it is hard to do sometimes.

Jarod helped coach with his cousins and the team won in their age group! Woo Hoo!

Katie is big buddies with Khloe. We watched Katie one evening and they played ball for an hour! No joke! It is the funniest thing.

Chasing Khloe


All that playing worked up an appetite!

Don't want to forget Khloe....I couldn't help it and had to take a picture after her bath. She isn't fond of them and she is giving the sadest eyes right here! She has it so rough;)

And celebrated my 28th Birthday last week!

Since most of you know I LOVE to travel my next post will have pictures from our little trip to 30A in Florida for my Birthday:) 

AND an update on our adoption process!!!!!