Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas has come and gone and it doesn't seem like it is already New Year's Eve! I LOVE Christmas time and always look forward to it. We had many family gatherings and probably ate way too much but I am going to cherish all the memories made! I have pictures from most of the family get togethers...still have one last party tomorrow night. 

Pre-Christmas party before Jarod's brother moved to Florida 

 These two are best buds!


I didn't get everyone to look because we had too many cameras going off but I love Dre's face

These took forever to make but I loved them thinks to pinterest

Our Christmas card

Khloe was snooping like dad

She knows whats inside....this is the look she gives when she wants something. Her tail is moving like crazy. haha 

Nelson Christmas 

Second cousins

Some of the family


G-ma and her kids

Knepp Christmas

Katie loved the tissue paper/wrapping paper! I am a Katie hog but just love her to pieces!

Opening gifts

Ahhhh! I found this for Katie and she looked so cute in it:) 

Bother-in-law and sister-in-law

Chicken run smile

I buy an ornament in memory of Lindsey every Christmas and decided to make one this year. Burlap is really hard to work with (or I thought so) and it didn't turn out exactly how I wanted. But, it was the thought that counted. 

Miss you Lindsey

Once Khloe opened her bone she wanted nothing to do with her other present....she is trying to escape. lol

Jarod surprised me with a beautiful necklace this year! LOVE it but he totally caught me off guard! 
P.S- I know may hair is a mess but I didn't care:)

Jarod with his gifts. I always have to ship them to my parents because he snoops way to much.

This will be perfect for when we travel;) I am becoming more of a Vera fan every year.

Christmas morning
I LOVE him more than words can describe! 

And.......the blizzard that came the day after Christmas. Feels like I am in a postcard! 

I hope everyone else had a MERRY CHRISTMAS and remember the true meaning of Christmas.


Maybe 2013 will be the year God will give us a miracle. I know I HOPE so because this Christmas felt like we were missing something.  

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Khloe turns 5

Yesterday Khloe turned FIVE or 35 in dog years! I can't believe we have had her almost 5 years! Don't know what I would do without her. She is one of the sweetest dogs, playful, loves to go on walks, drives, snuggle and can be timid at times but I think that goes with her breed. She also loves to play ball....I really think she dreams about her ball. lol. She can play for HOURS!

I remember the day when we went to pick her up after finding her on the internet. We couldn't decide on naming her Lexie, Kenya or Khloe. Well, when we seen her we just knew she was a Khloe:) 

For her Birthday we took her on a car ride and picked up a McD's ice-cream cone. The first time she had ice-cream and she loved it! I have some pictures of when she was a puppy and a couple others over the years.  

She is still cute but was one of the cutest puppies!

She was so tiny!

The older she gets the darker she gets. You can hardly see her spots anymore:(

On the drive looking at Christmas lights!

Oh yeah!

And one last one of our niece. I just LOVE her!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

OBX 2012

We took one last trip this year and debated about where we wanted to go. Well, we decided on the Outerbanks!!!! We knew we wanted to drive somewhere this time and couldn't decide on going more south or east. We knew it would be colder if we drove east but then we knew it would be beautiful in the fall time. So, since we always go somewhere tropical we decided we would do something a little different. I am so glad we did!!! We LOVED OBX!

I have some pictures from our trip that I wanted to share!

On our way to Asheville (half way stop). We drove different roads to and from OBX so we could see a little more. My favorite state to drive through was Virginia. Especially this time of year!

We get excited about tunnels:) We are the people that have to honk our horn! I didn't get a picture of the long tunnel in Norfolk, Virginia but that one was pretty neat too. We drove under the sea!

We have always heard people talk about the Biltmore Mansion so we decided to go. It made me feel like I was in a movie. It was BEAUTIFUL!!! Highly recommend! 

I love this!

On one of the trails! 

Perfect day

The visitor center! They have to have one of the cutest visitor centers.

 The view from our condo that I didn't want to leave:(

In our hot tub! I made Jarod go in it every night with me!

Homey (if that is a word) gas stations. The one we stopped at before this had a sign on the door that said, be back in 5 minutes! lol. I think they would only do this during the non-busy season.

At one of the beaches looking for wild horses!

We finally found two after walking 2 miles on the beach and sand dunes.

Just having fun! Really no one on the beach except cars driving back and forth...too bad we didn't have a 4 wheel drive. 

In duck, NC where we ate lunch.

At Jockey ridge. It felt like we were in the desert becasue there was sand everywhere!

My favorite picture of us from the trip! We didn't get many though.

Another sign. ha

We were on another barge like this waiting to go back from the island. It felt so weird to be on the ocean with our vehicle.

And it makes me wanna take a back road...... ;)

We got a thumbs up!

The beach behind our condo

Sunrise the last day in OBX

And one last picture of fall! I Love this one! 

Until our next little trip..........