Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Orange Beach 2016

Earlier this month we headed south and spent a few nights in Orange Beach, AL! This was the first beach Harper laid her itty bitty feet on when she was six months old, how much she has changed since then. Each vacation we take is a little different because Harper is at that age where we focus on different activities, different routines and just seeing her act so differently. 

Harper did great on the drive and much better than I expected! We made sure to take rest stops with plenty of time for her to stretch and run a little. It was beautiful the entire time, a little chilly a couple of the days depending on the wind, but we were completely fine with that! The great thing about going early March is that we pretty much had the beach to ourselves and we got a great deal on our condo! We scored and were able to stay in one of the nicer "upscale" condos that I was eyeing the last time we were in the area. is a great site if you haven't checked it out!   

Almost packed and ready to go!

At the rest area stretching our legs.

Of course we have to stop at Cracker Barrel. Harper loves the rocking chairs!

We stopped half on our way to Alabama and drove straight through on our way back. This was at our hotel and Harper was having too much fun jumping on the bed:) 

We finally made it!!

She loved the fishies

Harper made it only a few feet and had to start playing in the sand!

She loves the beach and the sand

She made it a few more feet and stopped again to role in it!

There they go!

We had our own grill on our own patio and loved it!

Swim day

Momma forgot the swim diapers

We seen some gators while walking on Backcountry Trail 

Our favorite barbecue place, Moe's

We went to the zoo one day and these baby kangaroos were adorable, but Harper wasn't quite sure of them.

She wasn't sure about feeding the animals at first either. haha

So sweet

Ready to eat

I just love this picture!

Oh no, she found the m&m's

Playing at the play at the outlet mall

Harper loves the carousel, so she was pretty excited!!

Another beach day

Dad likes to get buried

She sure loves her daddy

Getting so big

One of the few family photos, but we got one!

Eating breakfast 

Just relaxing before we head out

I'd say Harper has it made, she loved riding on this! And, it made for an easy leave!

One last stop....I love my taffy and they have the best!!

The end to a great week together as a family of three!! 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Our "Deer" Harper is Two

I can't believe our baby toddler is TWO!!!
Harper is: sweet, smart, determined, a little shy, active and has such a sweet tooth!
*Wearing size 4 diapers (Doesn't seem one bit interested in potty training, we've tried a few things but nothing too aggresive, hoping to try just panties for a few days just to see what she does.)
*Size 2T clothes and size 7 shoes
*Goes to bed at 8pm and wakes around 7:30-8am
*Favorite foods: corn, applesauce, broccoli, pancakes, chocolate and cookies
*Loves: Minnie/Mickey/Donald, starting to become more interested in Peppa Pig, playdough, plastic eggs (surprise eggs), balls, jewelry, magnetic letters, velcro food, books, and playing on the playground/jump house
*Saying three word sentences, always says "what happened or where are we or Harper do it", knows her colors, can count to 10, and knows most of her letters 
Woke up to balloons on her birthday

Of course she picked the chocolate one

Singing, Happy Birthday

Children's Museum to celebrate the big day

We went down this slide way too many times;)

Harper loves to race cars


This room was a hit

Presents from mom and dad

She loves her velcro food

Harper loves blankets and loves her mermaid tail

Getting ready for her big party- Our "Deer" Harper is Two

Antlers for the kids 


I made her party hat and she didn't even want to wear it...maybe for her pictures

I guess we needed to brush our teeth before digging into all those sweets. lol

They really love each other but no hugs this time

Adalyn has the bluest eyes (hard to tell in the picture)

Some of Harper's friends (Dylan and Alayna)

Coloring party masks

Cousin Lance

Time to open presents, Harper was all about this 

 I just love that smile

Our attempt at a homemade pinata

Attempting to get a group picture, minus a few kids 

Nana sure loves Harper 

Harper, I'm so glad you had a blast at your party! We wanted to make your day so special, and we pray that you will always know how much we love you.