Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Eight Months Old

Every month I always say, I can't believe how big you are getting!!! You are so lovable and momma just wants to kiss you ALL the time! You have done so much this month and I just love seeing you reach different milestones. You started to crawl at seven months and two days old! You aren't much of a crawler yet and would rather pull up on anything you can get your little hands on and cruise along it. One day I was trying to get you to crawl towards me and you didn't want to go that far, so you made a pit-stop and tried pulling up on the wall. haha. You say mom, momma and mum all the time! We can officially say, mom is your first word:) You are such a happy baby and pretty laid back for the most part and definitely a mommy's girl! We bought you an activity table the other day because we thought you needed a "bigger" girl toy since you are always wanting to stand up. You love it!! It amazes how much more you can do each month. We have waited so long for this and we just eat it up and enjoy every minute with you sweetheart!!

*Eating 7.5 ounces for breakfast and bedtime and 5.5 ounces and a jar of baby food for lunch and supper.
*Wearing size 2 diapers
*Wearing 6-9 month clothes
*Love your activity table, cook and play potsy, magazines, watching Khloe, taking walks, people watching (when we go to stores you love to just look around), kisses on your belly/neck and your paci (somehow you have started to love this thing)
*Went on another road trip, this time to Tennessee to see your grandma. We stayed a couple nights in a real cabin and you helped dad build a fire (if watching counts) and got to explore some of Chattanooga:)  

Your first trip to Huber's Orchard

Picking apples

So little 

Lowering your crib since you can stand up in it now

Play date with Alayna and some of your other friends

We just had to put your boots on when we went to Lark Ranch:)

Love this 

And this! Cousin Katie Jo trying to give you a kiss!

Looking at the animals

I think this is just adorable. One of my favorite pictures!


Hanging out with grandma 

The beautiful view from our cabin...I wanna go back! 


We got a new ride and love it, but I will miss my Murano.

Left Harper and Jarod one day for a girls trip to celebrate a friends 30th b-day!

EIGHT months old!