Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Fall Fun

I know, I know...it's December. 
But, I feel like I need to post some pictures from this past fall! Harper loved pumpkins and whenever she would see one would say, punkin! It was the cutest!! After debating back and forth between a cat, Indian and pumpkin, we decided on a pumpkin for Halloween. She still wants to put on her pumpkin costume and loves to wear it:)  Harper did great trick or treating and would walk up to every door. The only problem was that she wanted to eat every single piece that she would get! She loves her sweets!!!     

Getting pretty good at getting as much as possible on her stroller. lol

Loves mower rides

Picking out pumpkins to carve

Being silly 

Can't beat boots and a dress  

We love to jump

Love our sweet girl

This was a huge hit 

Harper loves her nana 

Our "punkin"

With cousin Lance and Katie

They are becoming best buds and it's the sweetest

Our attempt of trying to do a theme...the farmer, cat and pumpkin

Fulling up before exploring the zoo with nana and papa

I love that they have this, making it a tradition to go every year

She got one!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Harper- 19 Month Photo Shoot

Oh my goodness, I'm in love with these photos! A big thanks to Amy Riley Photography!!! I have always wanted professional beach photos taken but wanted to wait till we started a family. I'm so glad we scheduled these while in Florida. There is something about beach photos that get me every time....and when it's of my family it's even better:)  

Harper Nichole
*Wearing size 18 month clothes and a few 2T 
*Size 5/6 shoes
*Sleeping from 8pm to 7-7:30am
*One nap a day from 1ish-3/4ish (just because you never know with a toddler;))
*Loves babies, books, rockin rider pony, eating (especially cookies), tricycle (not able to ride it yet, but loves getting off and on), playhouse, slides, going up and down stairs, trying to dress herself, bubbles, picking berries off of our holly bushes, Mickey Mouse, drinking from a straw, hugs and kisses and loved pumpkins this year. 

It all began when two people fell in love

 Love that sweet face

 She loves her dadda

 She has my heart

 She loved throwing the sand

 I will never stop loving this man

 Trying to capture all the little moments 

 The beautiful sunset that evening

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Walt Disney World

We said, here we come Mickey Mouse!!! And, guess what, we found him!!! 

Our first trip to Disney World as a FAMILY was such a wonderful time! I always get so excited for the time to come but I try not to wish for time to hurry up, because before you know it our trip has come and gone. Harper loved, loved seeing Mickey Mouse! She also loved watching Minnie, Goofy and doggy (Pluto)! We had some one on one time with Mickey Mouse during a meet and greet. That is definitely the way to go because we had enough time to talk to him, dance and takes lots of pictures. Harper was smiling ear to ear and once it was her turn to go up to him she was a little shy, but after a couple seconds she walked up to him and hugged him for TWO minutes! It was one of the sweetest things I have ever seen. That moment alone made the trip that much more special. She still wants to constantly look at those pictures! 

We only went to Magic Kingdom because with a 19 month old we didn't want to be running all over the place to the point of exhaustion. We did get to eat at one of our favorite places, Ohana. And, Harper was able to "somewhat" sweep the coconut around the restaurant with all the other kids. She ate till her belly was full and of course still ate her entire cupcake for dessert (she doesn't miss dessert for anything. lol). Kinda like momma:) We have always dreamed of taking our kid(s) to Disney and is was almost like a dream that we were actually going with our girl. After all those years of just the two of us, it was so nice to go as a family!! To many more years of going to Disney (with hopefully more kids)!! 

Ready to hit the road!!

We stayed on 30A for a couple nights...one of our favorite places!

Harper thought it was so funny to throw the sand on dad.

 We always eat a Cracker Barrell, atleast once, maybe twice;)

Supporting Seaside, we love that place too! 

Doughnuts for breakfast two days in a row because it vacation:) 

Love that sweet face

We arrived at Disney!! 

I just love this picture

At our hotel

Ready to explore

Harper didn't want to sit in her stroller at all, she wanted to just push it. 

Waiting for the parade to start!

First family picture in front of the castle!

She really was having fun

Trying to hug Mickey.

And.....the first time hugging Mickey Mouse...till next time