Thursday, April 23, 2015

One Year Pictures

We had Harper's one year pictures taken a while ago and we finally got our CD!!! I just had to share some of them! I was so excited to get them and to order some prints for our house. We have a whole collage started on our wall and I just love it:) 

Harper did great during her photo shoot and loved eating her smash cake. We actually had her pictures taken two weeks after she turned one, so she started to become a pro at eating cake. lol. We also did a few bunny photos and they are just too darn cute!!    

Not sure about the cake 


I think she likes it

Her silly face

Still playing in the icing

Being such a big girl

So sweet

I love our sweetie

 A friend had a picture taken like this and I loved it! Of course we had to do it too! This was my crib when I was a baby.

My world

The cutest bunny around

So serious...not sure where this face came from but I laugh at it every time I see this picture.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


This was Harper's second Easter and it's hard to believe how much bigger she was this year compared to last. I was looking back at pictures from last year when she could actually fit in her Easter basket! Was she really that little?! Sometimes I wish I had a pause button but then at the same time it's so wonderful to see her grow and learn so many new things! God has blessed us with our perfect little angel and I can't thank HIM enough for everything from the past, present and to the future. 

I hope everyone had a great Easter as well!    

First picture with the Easter Bunny

 Trying to figure out who is beside her;)

First egg hunt 

We took our time and Harper picked up four eggs all by herself and put them in her basket. I was so proud of her!

Nana and gepa had to bring over some goodies

Eating chocolate

You love your nana

Just a little spoiled

Your basket on Easter morning! Your favorite things were your bracelets and bubble bath! 

Checking out your basket

Our lil bunny:)

I remember taking a picture with Harper next to this same tree last year. Oh, you have grown so much and are still as sweet as ever!

Love them

2nd egg hunt

You found some candy!

Such a beautiful day 

3rd egg hunt with some of your cousins

So sweet

With papaw

And.....your first lawn mower ride!!