Sunday, October 23, 2011

Catch Up With Pictures

I haven't updated on what we have been doing in a while.  Pretty much the past couple of posts have been about I thought maybe I should post about something else. I am sure everyone doesn't want to read about all that infertility stuff in every post anyway! 

One day we drove to French Lick when we were both off during the week. That doesn't happen often! Of course we had to make our first stop at Bo Mac's.....if you have never tried their flavored soda's do try them if you go through Shoals. I always get the Marshmallow but have had the banana and they are sooo good!!! In French Lick we walked around the French Lick hotel, walked around the stables where I got horse snot all over my shirt (I guess the horse didn't like me).lol. Looked at the train's and tasted some wine. Oh, and sneaked around the golf course. hehe      

One last picture of us in case we got caught and went to jail. lol

Giving me the OK!

It was so pretty up there! And we didn't get caught....we are so good:)

On October 1st one of my best friends from high school was getting married in Terre Haute. We don't get to see each other as often as we would like but we got to spend all day Friday and Saturday together. They were long days but we had a ton of fun. I forgot how much work weddings can be but I love being in them!

All the bridesmaids.

Charlie Angel style. haha. We look confused!

Me, Sis and baby! 

LOVED her shoes!!!

How cool is the kitchen where she had her wedding/reception. I just had to take a picture of it b/c it is something you would see on HGTV!


Us girls from High School.

Right before I was getting ready to leave. Tiff looking amazing!

A couple week-ends ago we went to Lark Ranch with Jarod's dad, step-mom and two brothers. 

I could actually Laso!

Group photo.


Boys will be boys!

Me and my hun!

Cutest little pigs around!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No Show

Well, leaving off from my last post. I just don't have much luck:( Or maybe the timing just isn't right.....I dunno. BUT I will gladly be ready for the right timing any day though!!!!! I continued to take the metformin PLUS the birth control last month to try and decrease the size of that cyst hiding in me. Well, when it was time for my period it was a no show....or was it. I didn't think it was at first but I now think I did have it but it was so light and lasted only one day I was second guessing myself. I know birth control can affect your periods but I didn't like how it only lasted one day. I called  my doctor's office and they said, they wouldn't call that my period and wanted to do a blood test to make sure I wasn't pregnant. Um, NO but I had to do it! I felt so silly! I really didn't want to do another test to just go and show I am NOT pregnant.

So after taking the birth control in hopes it would help, I really don't know what to think. I am currently taking Provera to induce my next period. I feel like I am experimenting with any kind of Fertility med out there:( So another month to see what happens. Surely one of these will help?! So this month still taking the Metformin and Provera. Not too many side effects really which I have been thankful for with all the meds. I have tried. I have heard too many stories about how bad the side effects can be. The only side effects I have had was the first week of taking birth control I was so emotional. And the Metformin upsets my stomach but has lessened somewhat. So I feel very thankful in this!!!! I am still ready to get to the point where we can just try an IUI procedure. I sometimes wonder if we will get to that point but I keep my hopes high! I keep waiting for the right time but at times I wonder if God really wants me to be pregnant. Only time will tell. Until then I will wait another month and maybe have good news then.

Thanks so much to all of you for your support you don't know how much it means to Jarod and I!!!!!  I know I don't say Thank You as much as I should! But I think it everyday.