Thursday, July 14, 2016

BIG announcement!!

Meet Hudson Brooks

We are so in love and thank God for this blessing.
Hudson was truly meant to be with us.
Born July 1, 2016 at 1652
7lb. 4oz and 20in long

Rewind to August 2015. I decided to have an elective laparoscopic procedure to rule out endometriosis, but the day of my surgery cancelled. I felt awful and was sitting in the car on the side of the road with Jarod crying. As much as I wanted to do it, we just didn't feel like it was something we should do at the time. A couple weeks later I called the adoption agency that we used when we decided to adopt in 2013. We knew what to expect and we were going to take it slow, complete all the paperwork/home study/background check, and go active when we felt we were ready. 

We originally thought we were going to active in January 2016 but decided no big rush and we would wait a few months. Well......somehow our agency made us active on Jarod's birthday and one week later a birth mother chose our profile!!! We received the call in February on a Saturday. We had no clue why they would be calling us, especially on a Saturday. We were shocked to say the least! We got off the phone and let everything process.....I'm thinking are we ready for this....oh my gosh.....this may be our baby that we have been praying for...and then I start crying. We didn't know at the time if Hudson was a boy or girl but we knew this baby was searching for us! A couple weeks later we found out that Hudson was a BOY!!!! Myself and his birth mother weren't surprised because we both thought she was having a boy. 

All I can do is think how amazing our God is! I look at Hudson and fall more in love with him everyday. I never would have imagined 6.5 years ago struggling with infertility that we would  be able to start a family, and now we have two amazing children and so much love to give them. 

September 2015- taking a photo for our profile book. 
Little did we know that Hudson was conceived this month.

February 2016

The shirts we picked out for when Harper met little bro, Hudson:) 

Until my next post......with more baby pictures!