Sunday, May 26, 2013


Here are some snapshots of random things we have been doing! 

We got to watch our niece Katie Jo one night! We will take any chance we get to watch this cutie!

So serious

Khloe is in love with Katie. So of course when she fell asleep Khloe was right by her side. 

Finally getting warm for ball time

Our sweet dog!

I love this tree in the spring time. It doesn't stay like this long because we always get a big storm that wipes it clean.

A good friend from work got married! Some co-workers and I got to celebrate the beautiful day with her!

We went mushroom hunting a couple times this year and found some whoppers:)

Love get together's with these girls!!!! Not sure where DeAnne is hiding.

The most chill baby ever. Dylan is a little stud!

We played couples corn hole and we whooped everyone's butt. lol

Found this lil guy/girl in our garage.....poor thing had to be lost.