Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Remembering Lindsey

On July 21st it would have been Lindsey's 23rd Birthday and on July 27th it has been 9 years since my little sister went to heaven. There is not a day that goes that I don't think of her. Last week was especially hard, but it is like that whenever it gets close to the Anniversary date. I was talking to someone that lost a family member. They said, they really didn't know what I went through until they lost someone so close. So true. You have an understanding but until you go through it you totally don't know. My parents go to a support group called "Compassionate Friends" for parents that lost a child. It is a great support group and helps them cope with the loss.

I always wonder what it would be like if she was still here. Would she still raise her rabbits or have her dream come true of having a horse. She loved her animals! With us thinking about a nursery I wonder if we should have a rabbit theme just because of her or some sort of animal theme. I want her to be a part even with her not here with us. I Love you Lindsey Rochelle and Happy 9th Birthday in Heaven!

Monday, July 22, 2013

6 Year Anniversary and 4th of July

On July 7th we celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary!!! We have officially dated 6 years and have now been married 6 years. I am looking forward to many more wonderful years with this amazing guy! We didn't do a lot on our anniversary. We went to church, ate at Olive Garden, shopped at a couple stores and just spent the day together. It was such a pretty day out too!

We stopped at our home on our wedding day. This has always been a favorite picture!

My love

A year or so before we were married. We look so young.

I always have to make something that goes with the holiday:)

Fireworks at Boggs

Playing ball

What is everyone looking at?! ha

Katie Jo was feeding Dre. Too cute!

How many guys to get a lantern in the air? No luck that day because it was too windy.

Love that smile!

At our neighbors 4th of July party! The kids are in line waiting on sparklers but it was a never ending cycle.

Always a corn hole tournament going on.

More updates to come!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Our Adoption Decision

As most of you know we haven't had the easiest time "trying" to get pregnant. Between the news when first started trying 3.5 years ago, canceled IUI's/FET, negative IVF and the ups and downs of trying to find the best medications so my body wouldn't stimulate too much. Oh what a journey that has been. I wanted it to work so bad and had dreams that I would get pregnant. But, that didn't happen. It was so hard getting my hopes up then getting them knocked down again and again! At times I felt like I was getting punished. After the horrible accident that paralyzed my dad and killed my sister instantly I thought I wouldn't have any heartache for a while. I never in a million years thought me, being the only one that can give my parents a grandchild can't do that now, but I can. At first I was upset but over time I have actually grown closer to God. I rely on my faith more than ever and HIS plans for us. It amazes me how HE can work.

It is funny how things can just hit you. One day I was at home and said to Jarod, I think I am done with treatments! Just like that I was ready to move on. Well, I did think about it A LOT. I thought about what we should do and I wanted to feel comfortable with my decision. Jarod has always wanted to adopt from the beginning but I wanted to try a few treatments first and then we had talked about adopting our second child. It isn't happening like that and that is okay. We are going to become parents and grow as a family and we can't wait! Yeah, I would LOVE to get pregnant but I have to accept that may never happen. We will love any child that becomes ours whole heartedly no matter what!!

We decided in early May to adopt. And right away I was ready to get started with ALL the paperwork! We were so excited! The paperwork and everything we had to do scared me at first and it was all a little overwhelming. We have completed most of it and I feel more relieved. I am hoping we can have our home study done by early/mid August and be active sometime in August:)

Hoping for a smooth process! 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Life Changing News

I have been holding back and I can't take it any longer to announce our EXCITING news!!

Doing cartwheels because of excitement!

We are ADOPTING!!!!!! 

Woo Hoo I get to tell everyone finally! hehe. I never knew when the time would come but deep inside I always had this feeling we would be guided into this direction. After multiple fertility treatments I kept telling God to guide me in the direction that is meant for us and to help me feel comfortable with His decision. And that is what HE did and that is what makes this even more special. I get Teary eyed and cry sometimes just thinking and talking about this. We would be ready to adopt right now if we could but currently we are in the process of working on our home study. I mainly wanted to just post our news and can't wait to update on the details and process.....

Ahhhhh......are we finally, really going to be parents:) 

I kept waiting to post this and after our sermon at church about adoption I just had to post this!