Wednesday, December 28, 2011


A little over two weeks ago I had posted about my estradiol level being 159, which was good:) Well, a couple days later we went to Indy to do an IUI after that. If you remember they cancelled it and then we were lucky enough to get a chance this month!!! I thank our doctor and the man above for that:)

I was a little nervous going up there and also during the time we had to wait for 2 hours. It was busy that saturday for them! The procedure only lasted around a minute or two and was a little uncomfortable but not too bad, just awkward. After the nurse did it I laid there for about 20 minutes and then we were on our way. I wanted to get to the truck and not walk much so I could just lay back down. haha. I know they say it doesn't make a difference really what you do after an IUI but I felt better doing that. I had cramping the rest of they day which I was surprised but when I woke up in the morning I felt much better!

Two weeks later I took a pregnancy test and pretty much knew I wasn't pregnant...and I wasn't:( Negative again! I wasn't going to take it on Christmas and was going to wait till monday but we decided to just go for it. It would have been the best Christmas present EVER if it was positive! It still hurts but this was a chance I didn't think we were going to have this month. So I am Thankful for that!!! I worry about this baby stuff a lot...which I try not to but it is sooo hard!!! The doctor wants me to take a month off and let my ovaries rest since they stimulated them. Then we can try again!!! Then we can just Hope for the best:)

Friday, December 16, 2011

New Kind Of Elf


I just had to buy both (shirt and bogan) for our little Khloe! I thought they were so cute!!! Notice the ball in front of her....yeah she is obsessed with it. I had to put it there so I could get a good pic. haha  

Friday, December 9, 2011

Good News

Dr. J called me this morning and said my Estradiol was 159!!!!! Yay!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Power of Prayer

First of all I wanted to THANK EVERYONE for their encouragement, prayers and reminders!!!! I have so many great people in my life I am beyond blessed! I wouldn't know what to do without all the people in my life! Plus, the people I haven't even met in person that are there for me:)

Doctor J tried calling me tuesday morning but I was at work and missed his call. And I finally did talk to one of the nurses tuesday. It was really weird that they didn't return my calls monday b/c that never happens! I don't know if there was a reason that happened or what. I know God answers prayers and things happen for a reason and this week is a reminder. Monday night I felt more of a calm through everything and have been doing better since!

The reason I brought up everything happens for a reason is because:
*I missed Dr. J's call tuesday.
*I scheduled a "phone appt" for today.
*Then I called the office to see if I could see him in the office b/c I know I would feel much better talking to him in person and I felt I needed to go up there but they were completely booked till January.
*The office called back yesterday to tell me there was a cancellation, I was working an 8 hour day and that never happens or else I would have missed the call!
*Today I drove back to Indy and Dr. J told me that I had 12 follicles BUT my estradiol level was only 15. A normal person would have an estradiol of atleast 400 with that many follicles. And with even 1 follicle someone should have an estradiol level around 100. He had no clue why this was. He did another u/s and I still had a lot of little follicles but one good one. He repeated another estradiol level today and thinks we still may be able to do an IUI! I couldn't believe it!!!! I will find out tomorrow what my estradiol level is! I am hoping for GOOD numbers:) If not I don't know what his plan will be b/c he said he has never seen this before. What I love about Dr. J is that is always willing to try something and listens to everything I say. I know Indy is pretty far away but he is one of the best doctors I know!

So I truly think God was trying to show me who is in control! I already know that but this just brought tears to my eyes! Hoping for GOOD news tomorrow:)     

Monday, December 5, 2011


Today my doctor never did call and the nurse never did return my call. My heart just aches! I REALLY wanted to talked to them. I feel so left to the curb. I am an emotional wreck today and don't know if I made the right decision. I was really wanting to do another u/s today. After taking my meds, injections and driving back and forth to Indy for ultrasounds and then being told we can't do an is just making my heart ache. I just ask for some prayers that I can have peace with this all.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Trying to stay positive

So after missing for a while......I am back! I wanted to update on some news I received this week. After hearing the news in August that we couldn't go through with an IUI and after having "weird" periods in September and October I was starting to wonder what was going to happen. I did know that if I was going to have another one day period or not I was going to see Dr. J. We decided last month that I was not going to take any medications and we were going to see what happened this month on my own. Especially since the last two months my body didn't adjust to the medications very well. Which were birth control and Provera.

Well, I had my period last week and had an ultrasound this week to see what my ovaries looked like. I was so scared when they did the ultrasound b/c in my head I wanted to see but then I didn't because I was scared I was going to get bad news. I actually had it in my head that I was going to have another large cyst. I can't help it and I am a little scared of getting excited b/c fear of getting let down. The nurse was even going medications before we did the ultrasound and all I was thinking in my head is, lets just see if I can even start taking these. To my surprise there were NO large cysts (just a couple small one's because of my PCOS)!! I couldn't believe it! Once I got in my car I just had tears because I couldn't believe it. This is the closest we have come to actually doing an IUI! I still get teary eyed/cry thinking about it.

Okay....I am going to pause for a minute. I saved this post this week when I wasn't quit finished and figured I would just update after this saturday (yesterday). Little did I know I would get some unexpecting news saturday.

Jarod and I had to wake up early on saturday (6:00 am) to have a follow up u/s to see how my ovaries/follicles were doing after taking meds and injections to prep me for our very first IUI! We were both tired but excited to see what was going on....ready to just do this!!!! However, when the nurse did my u/s I knew she wasn't happy to see what was on the screen the minute she seen ALL my follicles. I had 5/6 on the right and 4/5 on the left. I did have a couple larger follicles which is good b/c they are the one's that mature and what turn into an eggy's. But she didn't like how I had soo many! She said, usually this what we see when we are getting women ready for IVF. What?? We don't know how many of those follicles will form into eggs and that can be dangerous. I could be like ocotomom.....umm don't want that! I know with an IUI your egg(s) release and and they inject the sperm and wait on mother nature. However, you don't want too many eggs. I think you get my point.haha

I just wanted to start crying when she was going over all this with me. She was trying to reassure me and that just wasn't helping. I know she was being nice and was like you are still young you have plenty of time. BUT when you are ready you are ready no matter if I am 26 or 36! It is hard no matter what! I wish I could have talked to the doctor but was unable to b/c it was a saturday and he wasn't in. I had to get a call after she spoke with Dr. J to let me know they were cancelling our IUI procedure for this week! All I could think about  is what if it takes us another couple months to get this point. We got so close and BAM it was all taken away!  

I just pray that this will only help us for out next IUI procedure and hope that my body doesn't get too excited with these meds and go crazy making a ton of follicles. I keep telling myself this will help us the next time! I only pray it does! I just feel awful!!!! I know I don't want the risk of having triplets or more though!! I just hate dropping everything like this! Dr. J will call me monday and I am curious to what all he has to say. I am almost tempted to ask him if we can do another u/s to see how many of my follies are maturing even more. I know I don't give up easy! I am trying to hang in there and am doing a little better after yesterday. I was trying not to cry yesterday and held it in pretty good until last night and could't stop crying. I know when I cry it makes Jarod feel bad and I don't want him to get even more down b/c of me. He has always helped me stay stronger during this all and ALWAYS makes me feel better. But sometimes I just need to cry in his arms and let him comfort me. If you know what I mean.  I don't know what I would do without him!!!!!  The song by Blake Shelton, 'God Gave Me You' is how I feel about Jarod. LOVE that song!!! One day will be our day:) One day all these ups and downs will be worth it.