Thursday, August 28, 2014

1/2 Year Old & Gulf Shores

The title of this post makes me want to cry....I don't know what I'm going to do when you turn ONE! I'm so thankful that we have been able to enjoy these first six months of your life with you. There is no way to describe how much joy you bring to our life! I remember all those years, months, weeks, hours and seconds praying for you. So many nights I would go to bed sad because I was longing to hold you, meet you, call your ours and be your mommy! You bring to so much happiness with your presence and your smile can light up a room. You complete every part of our family and are such a blessing. I thank God for you everyday! We love you more than you will ever, ever know!!!

You are starting to think you are big stuff;) These past few months you have blossomed into a bigger girl. This past week you have started to get on your hands and knees, but get mad because you can't go anywhere after you get into that position. You love when we hold your hands and let you stand and you can almost sit on your own! You almost have it but can be a little wobbly and topple to one side after a bit. Give it a week! You seen the ocean for the FIRST time last week! Our first beach vacay was at Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, AL! I was SO excited to take you and made sure we got lots of pictures and videos of your first glimpse of that big ol' body of water;) You seemed to like the sand and even played in it and the water you really didn't know what to think of by the look on your face. We planned everything out based on your naps and bedtime and you did pretty good! One day you were a little fussy (happened to be my b-day), but I think it's because that was our busy day. I loved making these memories with you and can't wait to take you back next year!!

* You weighed 14lb 13oz (30th percentile) and 27 inches tall (90th percentile) at your appt.
* Wearing size 2 diapers
*Size 3-6 month clothes
*Eating 6-7 ounces four times a day and eating a jar of baby food everyday 
*You love your jumperoo, sofie giraffe, taking walks, watching Khloe, watching whatever mommy and daddy are doing, kisses, being tickled, siting up, us holding your hands so you can stand and being talked to

At the Strassenfest parade. The fire trucks you didn't care for...shows how much more aware you are becoming of things because on the 4th you didn't mind them.

Eat time

First time sitting in the shopping cart a couple weeks ago, but you were still a little wobbly.

Practice sitting

Not too bad....funny how much more you have to pack with a baby though!

Ready to go:)

Hanging out in the hotel at our half way point!

They had these cute little swings at our pit stop

The lazy river at our condo! I think all condo's should have one of these!

The view looking to the right from our balcony.

Beach time! It was a short stay and only lasted about an hour or little longer. lol. It was hot and the heat wave just came through!

Loved taking my girl into the ocean:)

Going with daddy

Morning walk

Isn't he cute?! My love for doing anything with animals!

They liked each other

We had one longgg day and we were acting silly saying, this is how we felt. ha

Somone learned how to stick out her tongue on this trip!

Love them

Matching headbands of course;)

One of the best vacations with my two favorite people!! I will never forget this special time together!

Six month photo shoot