Sunday, September 6, 2015

Big Cedar Lodge

This is the year that I knew I would be turning the big 3-0!! Well, I did in August!! I really wasn't too worried and I told Jarod my thirties may be the best years yet! I don't feel like I'm thirty and I hope it stays like that for a long, long time. I plan on Harper keeping us young;) So long, twenties!!!

 I love to travel and so for my birthday just the two of us went on a two night getaway. In May I backed out of us leaving Harper for a few nights but I broke down and left her with nana and gepa this time. I knew she would be in good hands and would have a blast but it was still hard. Everything went great and it was  nice to get away and have no responsibilities for a couple days. It sure did feel weird not having Harper with us though. 

And, I didn't feel quite as bad just the two of us going because in a few weeks we are taking Harper to the beach AND Disney!!!! I'm so excited and I know Harper is going to have a blast! Counting down!! 

First day at Big cedar Lodge

 We loved the waterfalls 

I'm in love with these air-stream's that serve food and this beautiful view 

Putt putting and having fun

Where we stayed

Just making some smores

Trying to hula hoop

We hadn't done this in years

Just being kids again

We found a huge spider

Where we had supper one night. I just love him!

The very first time Jarod beat me in checkers

Family day for my actual birthday and Harper got her FIRST haircut at 18 months old!!!!
Saying cheese and being such a big girl!

Modeling her hair for me;)

Doing so good!

But, kinda getting tired of it...

She is done, but that pouty face is too cute.

She did it!

Off to the zoo

Getting up close

Harper loved feeding the giraffe!

Our sweetie

I'm so thankful to spend precious time with these two!