Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Harper- 19 Month Photo Shoot

Oh my goodness, I'm in love with these photos! A big thanks to Amy Riley Photography!!! I have always wanted professional beach photos taken but wanted to wait till we started a family. I'm so glad we scheduled these while in Florida. There is something about beach photos that get me every time....and when it's of my family it's even better:)  

Harper Nichole
*Wearing size 18 month clothes and a few 2T 
*Size 5/6 shoes
*Sleeping from 8pm to 7-7:30am
*One nap a day from 1ish-3/4ish (just because you never know with a toddler;))
*Loves babies, books, rockin rider pony, eating (especially cookies), tricycle (not able to ride it yet, but loves getting off and on), playhouse, slides, going up and down stairs, trying to dress herself, bubbles, picking berries off of our holly bushes, Mickey Mouse, drinking from a straw, hugs and kisses and loved pumpkins this year. 

It all began when two people fell in love

 Love that sweet face

 She loves her dadda

 She has my heart

 She loved throwing the sand

 I will never stop loving this man

 Trying to capture all the little moments 

 The beautiful sunset that evening