Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random Pics.

I don't have a lot to blog about so figured I would just post some pics! We all like looking at pics. don't we?! hehe.  

I was able to catch up with some girls from high school at a baby shower. Me and DeAnne and are the last mohegans to not have a baby yet. A lot of baby making since our 2003 graduation...some with THREE already!

Look at that cute baby bump! Lookin pretty good for TWINS!!! I think it is amazing to see her pregnant after trying for many years. Her time finally came:)

We went on the river two week-ends ago. The first time on the river...well besides taking our wooden boat out for a short time last year. This time we were out there for a couple of hours. I never realized how pretty and calm it can be. I wouldn't mind going out there I considered a river rat now?? haha

Jet ski on the river? Yep.

Our nephew Dru was able to hang out with us one day. This picture cracks me up! 

Making faces.

We don't have a lot of toys at our house so we made the best of what we have and played a game. He would run from me and I would chase him trying to get a picture. I didn't have much luck of getting a face shot.

There he goes again!

This was a different day but this goes to show how heat + driving a big brown truck with no A/C all day can get to you! Nappy time....Khloe was sleeping!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yucky Medicine

So from my last post I had talked about taking a new medication. Well, I tried and tried and couldn't swallow the dang pill. I got so frustrated that I couldn't swallow it that I wanted to start crying. I put it in jelly, ice-cream, cottage cheese, tried to swallow it with milk and a carbonated drink. All things that are supposed to help! This was the first step that I had to take and couldn't do it. I felt like I was letting Jarod down and our dreams. I knew there were other medications out there. It seems like anymore we have 3-4 choices to choose from, right. lol. I called the office and switched from a non-extended release and am currently crushing it. Yuck !!!! It is pretty nasty but I am taking it. So here goes to the begining of working on me finally:) At first everyday that passed felt like a day that I was wasting. I know I don't waste any days but I want to be one step closer to our child instead of one step back! Does anyone else have problems swallowing pills? I feel like I am the only one and hated calling into the office saying, I can't swallow pills. But it is the truth! I am just glad I am taking this yucky pill now. lol. Yucky but hopefully will help:)