Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Fall Fun

I know, I know...it's December. 
But, I feel like I need to post some pictures from this past fall! Harper loved pumpkins and whenever she would see one would say, punkin! It was the cutest!! After debating back and forth between a cat, Indian and pumpkin, we decided on a pumpkin for Halloween. She still wants to put on her pumpkin costume and loves to wear it:)  Harper did great trick or treating and would walk up to every door. The only problem was that she wanted to eat every single piece that she would get! She loves her sweets!!!     

Getting pretty good at getting as much as possible on her stroller. lol

Loves mower rides

Picking out pumpkins to carve

Being silly 

Can't beat boots and a dress  

We love to jump

Love our sweet girl

This was a huge hit 

Harper loves her nana 

Our "punkin"

With cousin Lance and Katie

They are becoming best buds and it's the sweetest

Our attempt of trying to do a theme...the farmer, cat and pumpkin

Fulling up before exploring the zoo with nana and papa

I love that they have this, making it a tradition to go every year

She got one!!