Friday, March 16, 2012

Grand Cayman

We knew we both had a week off in March but didn't know exactly what our plans were....looked into a couple places and things and then decided to go to Grand Cayman!!! We booked only about 3-4 weeks before we left and then last week is when we went to Grand Cayman for 5 days:) A lot of the reason we waited so long was because we didn't know what we would be doing infertility wise. A week before we left is when we got another negative so it was sooo nice to get away and have no worries!!!! Which the people in the Cayman's reminded me a lot of by always saying, no worries to any question. I felt so much more relaxed there and enjoyed every minute.  

We left monday morning when we got ALL that snow. It has only snowed like 3 times this winter and in March we got our biggest snow fall. Really? We had to wait 2 hours on our plan for them to de-ice it and then we were finally on our way! Missed our connecting flight in Miami but they gave us tickets for the next flight and only made it to the Grand Cayman 3 hours later. I was going to be okay as long as we could be on the beach for a little the first day. haha. 

The first evening on the beach:)

Looking to the east 

On Tuesday we took an amazing horse ride on the beach!

Me and my sweetie! 

Me and my horsey. He was so sweet.

This was the coolest thing....we rode in the ocean!!!!!

Taking some snaps!

My favorite picture! The horse is even is smiling. hehe

Jarod having some fun!

Wednesday we went into town. There were usually 3-4 cruise ships in port.

I got my coconut

Lathering up on Cemetery beach

Taking some pictures of  the pretty beach.

On Thursday we went on a jet ski tour to stingray city.

This was right before we went to pound the waves...and they were some big waves b/c it was so windy! It was kinda scary at first b/c I felt like I was going to fall off constantly but then I got use to them and was ready to ramp the waves. 

Starfish point

Rum point....loved the coconut holders.

At Rum point

Stingray City! The stingrays were bigger than I thought they would be but they were really cool to hang out with.

It is going to eat us up

Last day on the beach:( I was soaking up every last bit I could of the beautiful beach.

And last day at our resort....enjoying one last drink.

Last one at the airport. We seen chicken's everywhere and I think this one was trying to escape. I thought it was pretty funny to see a chicken at the airport! ha

Now back to reality. One thing I always miss when we leave an island is the slow pace....well and the beach too. haha. The people there are always more laid back.