Friday, October 12, 2012

The same news we always get

I guess it is time to tell everyone the news. This week I have thought about blogging a few times about what we found out but then I just wouldn't have any urge. I really don't feel like talking about it now but I know people are wondering. The ladies at work I have already told because I am around them a lot and just wanted to put it out there. I didn't want to go through them asking and me feeling like I could break down each time.

We are NOT pregnant. I had so much hope on this! So many people were praying for us that it brought tears to my eyes. So many GREAT people in our life and they too are the one's helping us get through this hard time. I know it wasn't guaranteed that we would get pregnant. I think the doctor gave a statistic of a 64 percent it would work for us. Even though I didn't think of this IVF transfer as a statistic. I knew we had a good chance! In all it had to be up to God to give us this miracle child. I don't know why this wasn't our time. I just cried and couldn't sleep the night we found out. I still get emotional and don't feel like talking about it much. Well, Jarod I do want to talk to about it.

I hate bringing this up but it is hard seeing other couples get married and get pregnant right away. When I feel like it should be our turn. I'm confused on what we should be doing. Should we start looking into adoption or keep trying?? Like I have said before, I still have the desire to keep trying. It shouldn't be this hard to have a child. This year we decided we won't do anything more with baby stuff. We see our doctor at the end of this month to talk. So we will see what 2013 will bring us! I am so ready for something good to come!