Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One Step Forward and One Step Back

 I haven't updated in a while about our infertility journey. Mostly because from May to August our doctor wanted me to take Metformin for those 3 months and then come back to see if it was helping with my PCOS. I was sooo ready to go back in August because that medicine messes with your stomach. Yuck! I thought the medicine was helping but was still a little nervous the day we had to go back to see Dr. Jarrett. Well.......we did get good news. FINALLY!!!!! He too thought the medicine was helping and said we are ready to do an IUI procedure whenever we are ready! The moment I heard that my heart was lifted up. Jarod and I looked at one another like, really?! I was so happy that day and we haden't even started anything. It was just the idea that we could finally move forward and no more testing or trying a different medication. I was like are we getting more normal?? Because all of this can make you feel a little less normal if you know what I mean.

We had our appt. August and thought we would try the IUI procedure in September. But, I got to talking to Jarod and said I would like to try this month. He was okay with that and so I called the office to let them know! We have waited this long and I just wanted to do it!! haha.

So when the time came to do my baseline ultrasound last week before we would start taking the medication to stimulate my ovaries that is when we took one step back. The nurse said I have a large cyst on my left ovary and she doesn't want me to go through with the procedure this month! The weird thig is I was like, okay. I didn't get emotional and start crying but I felt peace with the whole situation. After I left the office I was thinking maybe that was a sign God wanted us to wait till next month. Don't get me wrong I still would have LOVED to have "tried" this month but I guess I am so use to the doctors telling us we will have to wait once again.

So now they still have me taking Metformin and started me on birth control. Then I should go back sometime next month for another ultrasound! In my head I am like, God please let this help!!!! I know I am not the only person out there that is going through this but it is something Jarod and I want so badly it hurts. My heart aches for all the other couples going through this same thing. But I know the time will come!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We visited Mickey Mouse's Place

So I know we travel a lot and here we are again visiting another place. This time it was Disney World!!!! We left last monday and stayed for four nights. It was only a 2 hour flight so that was exciting! lol. A lot better than 4-5 hour flights! I uploaded a lot of photos so be prepared! 

Trying to take a pic. of  the entrance in our bus.

Our hotel!

Our room.....and Jarod is already taking advantage of the bed after only 15 minutes. haha

The view from our window! Such a beautiful hotel.

The cute boat we rode on to Grand Floridain to eat supper that night.

Love my kissess:)

Cool car we found!

Yummy! No way Jose at Beachclub hotel....I was craving it! So yummy but huge!

Walking around the boardwalk.

This guy was a lot of fun to watch in downtown disney! He would do different poses with people.

Dinner at Rainforest Cafe. Always a fun place. We were excited to sit next to the fish tank. haha

We only went to one of the parks and of course chose Magic Kingdom:)

Waiting on the nighttime parade. I loved watching all the vendors walk around!

Goofy is out. haha

At Ohana's (one of our favorite restaruants). Jarod went up with the little kiddos to get a lei. I was too chicken to go up!

Me and my sweetie! Love him!!

The fireworks over the castle! Couldn't get a good pic b/c my camera never takes good pic of fireworks for some reason:(

At our hotel pool. Doesn't he look so happy to be in the pic. lol 

We went to the Wilderness Campgrounds to walk around and found some pretty horse's! I loved the braided hair.

Rained for a little bit so we had to take cover. Florida weather in known for that and rained most days but only for like 1/2 hour.

Our last night we ate at Jiko for my birthday. Even though it wasn't my b-day....but we celebrated on that day! 

They signed a card and gave me a b-day pin. Made for a special day:)

My dessert!

Our last day:(

Hope you enjoyed the pics....esp you Disney fans out there!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Wish Lantern

Last thursday (July 27th) Jarod and I headed over to my parents to let off Wish Lanterns in memory of Lindsey. It was such a nice way to end the day and we all loved watching each one take off until we couldn't see them in sight!

Jarod let his lantern off first. 

There it goes!

I was next. I was barely holding onto it because it was about to take off.  

Up and Away

Finally my parent's get to make their wish!

I loved watching the two take off together!

And you can barely see that little spec.

If you have never had these they are such a neat thing to do atleast once:)