Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Wait

The wait.....this is what it is like! 

Having a due date unknown due date. This is one of the hardest parts! If I only knew when we were going to get our child I would do so much better. I want to do so much but then get discouraged because I really don't know when this will happen. I keep telling myself I want to at least get a crib, changing table/dresser and a couple outfits but then I back out. It is not that I don't want this because I CAN'T WAIT! It hasn't even been a month and it feels like a year. I am hoping I can do better with this. 

I am so excited to adopt but then this whole process makes my heart ache. I pray for strength! I find myself checking the phone more often but then think this is silly because we wouldn't get a phone call this soon. I am ready for the challenge of sleepless nights and crazy schedules. I may be wondering why I said this in the future though. 

I know I am having a hard time but then I try to think of the mother out there that is probably having an even harder time. Adoption is wonderful but is so different than the "cookie cutter" pregnancy. I see so many famalies announcing their exciting news and it does get to me sometimes. How can it be that easy? Our wait of almost four years will make our time even that more special! When our time comes......

Saturday, September 7, 2013

30A in Florida

A couple weeks ago it was my birthday. Jarod knew I didn't want any gifts but I really wanted to travel! Of course! So, we went to 30A, which most people may have not heard of. It is about 15 minutes west of Destin. Destin is nice but I LOVE the laid back feel of 30A and all the neat little towns along it! We went there 2 years ago and decided to go back. I like seeing different places but sometimes you fall in love with certain ones. I uploaded quite a few photos but had plenty more.....didn't want to overload too much;) It was not crowded since most kids just started school and the weather was so nice! We were scared at first about the weather because the day before we arrived they had flood warnings and it was pouring for at least three days straight. Whew! We stayed 4 nights but we could have stayed longer...can't we all during vacay:) 

We got water! Almost to our destination. 

The cutest little town called Rosemary Beach

It felt like we were somewhere else...

I wanna take a ride!...

We walked around the town and I thought I was in a movie. I couldn't get over how pretty it was!


Yummy food at this place!

We ate in Seaside twice for lunch at these little streamline RV's. I don't know how thrilled Jarod is of me taking a picture of him eating though!

Walking around Watercolor

Mcquire's Irish Pub. Reuben sandwich and peanut butter burger (yes, it was good if you are wandering).

Hey, it's my birthday! They had dollar bills everywhere!

Jarod's friends took off without him on the bus. lol

This bed and breakfast was amazing! I wish we would have stayed here the entire trip but it was a little pricey.

I LOVED our little photo shoot! One of the workers was able to snap a couple photos for us! Love this man to death!!!