Saturday, April 27, 2013


Has it really been almost a month since I posted?! I knew I was taking a break from blogging but didn't realize it had been almost a month. It was good to take a break especially after everything that we had went through. I just needed that time and didn't feel like posting anything. Just focusing on "us". No, I am not leaving:) I really do love blogging and reading blogs!!

To go with my title "blogging". I think of how much it has helped me through our infertility and helped me realize we are not the only ones. It seems like every other day someone is announcing they are pregnant. How many times do you hear.....we have infertility? I remember in Nursing school reading about IVF and thinking I would never do that. But when you get in that position it changes everything. You will follow your hearts biggest desire and give almost anything a chance. I remember when we started looking into things, testing and starting our first IUI I thought we would stop at that. I really thought we would have to do only 1-2 IUI's and I would be pregnant. I was wrong! Here we are still waiting and have done more than I thought we would have. I wouldn't change anything we have done though! I know we "tried" and there is nothing more we can do. It is all up to HIM. I have told Jarod, if I have done all of this for our child we are waiting for it is hard to imagine what all I will do for them once we have them.

I know there are a lot people that don't want to make this public. But, I want to help others and let them know they are not alone. This is physically/emotionally hard and makes you question MUTIPLE times "if" it will happen. Lately I have been focusing on "when". And how much greater of parents we will be from this!