Monday, July 26, 2010

A little Bit of This and That

We have been doing a little of this and that these past couple weeks. We haven't been real busy...which I like. Just enjoying time together, with family, neighbors/friends and working. And working is our favorite part. haha. NOT! I have pictures to show what this and that is that we have been doing!

Beautiful flowers my hubby had sent to our house on our third anniversary!! LOVED them:) 

Here is the little story when they arrived. My parents were leaving when this Fed-Ex guy came pulling in our drive. I was like, I didn't order anything. Then I see him holding a 1-800 flowers box. Hmm...I was like maybe my friend from flordia sent these.....she is the only person that has sent me flowers from 1-800 flowers. So I opened the box and it had a sweet card in it from my HUBBY! duh. I had no clue and was surprised he ordered them b/c I didn't know if he knew even where to order flowers from. haha. I called him right away and enjoyed looking at them every day! 

My best friend D'Andrea had a little boy recently. Conner Blake (love the name). He already loves me and is tyring to give me a kiss:) I thought this was such a cute photo!!

Me and Conner!

Another best friend (Tiffany) that I graduated high school with had a baby shower. She is due in September. I had to make her a tutu of course and get a dress with pink in it. 

Us girls! Enjoyed our little reunion.

Belly bumping!

DeAnne and Tiff.

Me and my hubby dressed in our best. haha. This was taken at the St. Louis zoo.

Me and my momma!

This monkey was right next to the window and was just staring at everyone. This was only my second time to the St. Louis zoo but they have a great zoo. All of the animals are so active and look happy. Plus it is free and it is huge!!! 

Last friday we went to Holiday World with our neighbors.... over 3 years since we had been. It didn't seem to crazy busy but it was a hot one. We spent most of our time in the water park. 

Me, Belinda and Dustin.

One of my favorite rides! The scrambler.

I also wanted to put a little update on our infertility journey. I know I have said Jarod was going to have his FSH tested and he did. It was normal and the urologist we were seeing wanted to do a testicular biopsy. I don't think we going to have that done and are going to see a specialist in male infertility to see what he recommends. I don't want to jump into invasive procedures until we rule out everything. If you know what I mean. Maybe once we have other lab work done and a second opinion we will change our mind. Just have to wait some more:( And the infertility doctor we went to see only recommended IVF. I don't know how ready we are to jump into that either. So we are going to get a second opinion from another infertility doctor. I loved the infertility doctor we seen and he was really easy to talk to....BUT I totally agree on having second opinions. As you can tell. It doesn't hurt anything and if anything will give us more options! Like I have said before, I thank the girls sooo much that have been giving me advice!!! Don't know what I would do without all of you! So until our next appointments we are trying not to talk about this topic that much and trying to stay as stress free as possible! We could have big decisions to make in the future. Until next time.  

Thursday, July 8, 2010

3 Year Anniversary

Yesterday we celebrated our three year anniversary! Three down 60 or more to go. haha. I don't know what I would do without my wonderful man! He is perfect for me and I feel so blessed to have someone like this in my life:) He completes me so well and we always have a great time together. We met when I was 16 and Jarod was 20 making it 9 years this month we have been together. I wouldn't change it any other way! I love you honey!!!!   

I had a surprise yesterday with flowers sent to our house!!! I had hinted around about maybe picking some up but didn't know if he would. I LOVE getting flowers and these are beautiful.... and I was really caught off guard when they were sent to our house!  I was going to post a picture but didn't feel like uploading it. haha.

Yesterday we didn't go out but just stayed at home. It was a relaxing evening and just perfect:) We had lasagna, rented a movie and had some French Lick wine. Really the only wine I drink. The movie we watched was Remember Me. It was really good but Jarod didn't know if he would like it since it was a romance. BUT it wasn't all romanticy (don't know if that is a word) and turned out to be good. I think Robbert Patterson is going to be one of my favorite actors....he does such a good job. I am not going to lie though it had a sad ending and I had to cry. Anyways, here are some pics. from oldest to most recent.

Our wedding day. 7/7/2007

First professional football game in St. Louis

Oh and this past week-end we ended up eating at Mi Pueblo saturday...not so much 4th July food but we were craving it! Then went to our "new" neighbors saturday evening to hang out for a little. This past year we have made some really good friends with a couple great neighbors that have moved into the block/hill;) Back to saturday. That night I left the party early b/c I had to work the fourth....boooo! Fireworks kept waking me up saturday night and I was like, I wish I could be out there with everyone else but I had 12 hours ahead of me the next day and I don't like to go to work with little sleep. So I worked sunday and right when I got home I changed and we went to another get together and THEN I got to see fireworks!!! Monday we were both off but we just stayed around the house and sanded our old wooden boat we traded our canoe for. I will have to post pictures when we get more done. It is our little project boat we are working on.....kinda like an antique car but it is our antique boat we want to fix up. Can't wait till we can take it out.....maybe this fall! If anyone know's of any old boat motors for sale send then our way b/c we are looking for a boat motor. 

Hope everyone had a good fourth!!