Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Photos

This year wasn't a crazy Christmas at all and turned out to be pretty laid back! Meaning we didn't have a lot of get togethers on the same day and could spend quite a few hours enjoying each get together with no time frame! The week-end before Christmas we were able to celebrate with Jarod's family and my family which was really nice.   

On Christmas we usually do the same thing every morning! We get up whenever we feel like it (yeah), make breakfast together (usually try a different recipe every year), open presents, watch a Christmas story (who else likes that movie?) and relax till we have to leave. We had Christmas lunch at my g-ma Nelson's this year but weren't able to make it to the Schroerings Christmas b/c they were both at the same time which I was kinda bummed about:( 

Lots of pics. to follow that I posted from all the wonderful memories!!! We loved spending time with our family and enjoyed every bit of it. Now we are just trying to get back to the swing of things and get back to not munching on all those sweet goodies that have been sitting around the house. Hence "have" b/c we pretty much ate almost all of them. haha. They are always soo tempting! But we appreciate all the goodies we received from our wonderful neighbors! Thanks again!

 Our tree!

Khloe's present.....she hates when we tell her to stay. I was trying to get a pic. of her with her treats but she was wanting them pretty bad. haha

And now chowing down on it:)

This year I ordered Jarod a Dremel and he found the box before I got to it. He had no idea I ordered a Dremel but this is what the box looked like! I guess he knows me to good! I do love surprising him but it is sooo hard but then I see this and it just makes me love him even more for how he is. haha. I did surprise him with the other gifts I got him though......a new cooler, socks and this LL Bean led light you can strap around your head. I forgot the name of it?! 

My mom with her present....a gift card for a massage. So we can spend some more mother/daughter time together:)

My parents got Jarod an Ipod!!! We are so out of the technology loop and still have a lot to figure out about it. He loved it though!!!

Every year I buy an ornament in Memory of Lindsey! As the years past it is sad to see the ornaments adding up b/c that shows how many years she hasn't been here with us. We miss her sooo much!!! I do know she was with us and wathcing over us on this special day. I can't imagine what her celebration looked like above!

Our little family!
Maybe next year there will be one more person in the photo or in my belly!

Me and my mom and dad!

Me and my momma!

Jarod with our little nephew Dre'......he is such a cutie pie!

Hanging out.

I had to take a pic. of the yummy desserts. I know kinda odd but it is nice to look back at everything we did and had!

Dru and Aidan

Dru LOVES these remote control cars! So we knew exactly what we were going to get him:)

Opening gifts. We usually do a gift exchange but we all ended up just buying gifts for the younger boys. It was nice just to watch them.

Love spending time with this man especially!

We got my g-ma a rug with all her grandkids names on it.

My cousin's little girl Hope Lindsey. She has the bluest eyes!

My cousin Hannah and her boyfriend Steve.

My cousin Keith and uncle Rich and uncle Jeff. I don't think they were too thrilled with the whole picture taking. lol

Some of my cousin's kids.....they were wild! We had a lot of fun with them though!

Just look at their faces.....they were up to something!

Me and Jeff!

That is all of them!!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Last week-end Jarod and I went to Cincy for a little Christmas getaway to see some Christmas lights, spend some time together and to enjoy this time of year!!! Oh, and to go to Jungle Jim's. Yeah baby! If you haven't been there before it is a huge grocery store that has foods from all around the world. We spent 2 hours in there and could have spent more time if we wanted. We have been there one time before and it is def. one of our favorite stores....too bad it isn't closer:(  When we were there it was snowing the whole time and it was so pretty! I always say if it is going to be freezing there might as well be a little bit of snow too, right! Here are some pictures if you want to see what we did:)

Getting close!

Our brochure of things to see and do....just a little excited. haha

We stopped at a look out and it was just beautiful! We could see so much of Cincy!

Inside Khron conservatory. A neat little place to look at all kinds of plants. And it was free!

Just outside Khron's. I thought this was so pretty. I LOVE the snow covered trees and the old bridge!!!

We went to the PNC festival of lights at the zoo. This was at the entrance.

My camera wouldn't take very good pictures in the dark but there are a lot of christmas light's back there. You can def. see the snow falling though.

I think they were shy;)

Reindeer!! Really where do reindeer live?? The only time I see them is around Christmas time! Is santa hiding them all. haha.

Trying to get a shot of Santa. Can you see him? I was cracking up when I seen this pic. b/c the little girl is totally smiling for my pic. lol.

Me and my sweetie! I love him soo much! 

I hope everyone is enjoying this time of year as well! Take in every moment and cherish it:)