Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Christmas and New Year

No denying it anymore, I have become a horrible blogger. Life is a lot busier with two little kiddos and I just don't keep up with it as much. I love blogging and will continue but it just may not be as often. 
I WILL continue blogging though!! Don't give up on me;)

So, here I am catching up with Christmas and the start of 2017.

Our lil' reindeer

Harper decorating her Christmas tree for her room

Making some Christmas crafts

And, making a gingerbread house

Hudson would just smile and watch us while doing crafts 

Hudson and cousin Luke

The girls wanted to help feed Hudson

Our lil' man

I loved this outfit! 
For this child we have prayed

Christmas Eve

Hudson and one of his Christmas presents. 
Harper received a chair for her first Christmas too:)

Family photo on Christmas

Harper and Nana...we always have to go on the carousal 

I'll admit it, I run quick errands with the kids in their jammies 

 Our ball player

This never gets old for them

Rolling all over the place

Daddy stopped in with UPS truck = one happy girl

Daddy (aka big hunk) celebrated another birthday 

Photo shoot for THIRD birthday invites

Harper requested a Minnie party, so that's what party our sweet girl will be having to celebrate her 3rd birthday!! Momma has some special things planned...you only turn three once!

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